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How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Having a garden space you can escape to is fantastic when you want to enjoy the great outdoors without needing to travel to a park or share the space with anyone else. Obviously, gardens come in all shapes and sizes depending on your property, so it's important to maximise the value you're getting from your garden so you can get the most enjoyment out of it. Here are a few points to take into consideration for upgrading your garden that can help you make the most of your outdoor space.

Dividing the space

Creating different zones within you garden can mean that you are able to get different uses out of your outdoor space throughout the year. By splitting your garden between patio and grass, you're able to make a seating area perfect for entertaining whilst retaining the greenery which can be great for activities with little ones or pets.

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You can even take this further by dividing your garden three way: patio, grass and a third space for a pond, greenhouse or another area which allows you to express your own personal hobbies and interests. Even with a small garden, you can still create smaller zones in the garden to get as much use of your garden as possible - folding chairs, mini-greenhouses and more can allow you to switch things in and out to suit the seasons and weather.

Set up a snug

Outdoor furniture is a big consideration when it comes to a garden, as it represents a big investment into your private outdoor space which you want to make the most of. One way to do this is to create a 'snug' - a small sheltered area in your garden big enough to house some cosy seating.

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The major benefit this provides is an all-year-round space you can enjoy in your garden while staying hidden from the elements. As the name suggests, this doesn't need to be a particularly large enclosure but if you have the space you can make a snug big enough to fit upwards of four people if you wish. You can find lots of options for prebuilt outdoor structures which perfectly suit snugs, or you can try your hand at creating your own if you want!

Light up the night

Depending on the way your garden faces, it will be able to bask in sunlight during the day which can be fantastic during the warmer months. However, even when the nights start to draw in, you can still enjoy your garden space provided you have ample lighting to give your outdoor space a warm, soft glow.

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You can pick up anything from pole lights for illuminating pathways throughout your garden to lanterns or string lights for brighten up seating areas or snugs. By adding some strategically placed lights into your garden, you can relax long into the evening after the sun has set while still having a bright atmosphere for entertaining.

Grow your own

We've mentioned earlier in this post about the idea of adding a greenhouse to your garden, but any form of patch for growing plants or vegetables can be a rewarding addition to your outdoor space. It can be anything from little tomato plants to whole varieties of vegetables, but there are plenty of simple ways to use your garden to nurture seeds into flourishing homegrown vegetables.

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You can add a small freestanding greenhouse or pick an area of soil to grow things, depending on how much of a challenge you fancy. Having fresh vegetables, or even little things like chillies, on hand for your cooking can be quite a fulfilling experience and is also something you can do together as a family.

Homes with decent sized gardens can sometimes be difficult to find, especially in some of the more built up areas of the country. But, with Berkeley Group, we know how important it can be to have a private outdoor space of your own. Many of our 3-bedroom homes in London and around the commuter belt have lovely, landscaped gardens which you can customise to suit your personal style, as well as following these extra tips to get even more out of them. If you're looking for family homes or just a new built with a garden that's a decent size, take a look at our developments which are ready when you are.