Directors' Share Interests

Directors   Amount % Holding 
 Michael Dobson  8,259   0.008% 
 Rob Perrins (beneficial)  1,307,534  1.236%
 Rob Perrins (non-beneficial)*  1,707,866  1.614%
 Richard Stearn  238,676  0.226%
 Natasha Adams  1,947  0.002%
 Elizabeth Adekunle  1,108  0.001%
 Rachel Downey  1,187  0.001%
 William Jackson  30,000  0.028%
 Andy Kemp  2,636  0.002%
 Sarah Sands  874  0.001%

Note: The above share interests include shares held directly or indirectly by connected persons. Unless otherwise stated, interests are beneficial.

*Share interests held by R C Perrins include non-beneficial interests held by virtue of his role as Co-executor of the will of Mr A W Pidgley and, with Vanessa Perrins, as Trustees of the Robert Perrins Discretionary Settlement

Berkeley Group - Directors Shareholdings