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Shared Value

Our goal is to allocate capital to deliver sustainable returns to our shareholders whilst creating value for our other stakeholders including through the work of the Berkeley Foundation.

Our Approach

Our long-term strategy is to invest in opportunities with the right risk-adjusted returns, while ensuring our financial strength reflects the prevailing macro environment, and to make returns to the shareholders who support us to achieve our purpose. We have a unique operating model that is responsive to the cyclical nature of the housing market and focuses on transforming the most challenging and complex sites into exceptional places where communities thrive. Our Vision 2030 is about ensuring that we do this whilst also creating value for our other stakeholders, including through the work of the Berkeley Foundation.

Sustainable Returns 

Delivering returns to our shareholders whilst creating value for other stakeholders

We will continue to deliver sustainable returns to our shareholders across the cycle, whilst creating value to our other stakeholders.

The housing market is cyclical in nature and is one of the key indicators of the health of the economy. Berkeley has a strong track record of delivering homes through numerous market cycles, predominantly in London and the South East of England.

Our Vision, Shared Value, Sustainable Returns

Value to Society

Undertaking a broader assessment of our value to society across a range of indicators

We take a broad view of our impact on society, understanding that it is not limited to the boundary of our sites. For several years we have quantified our contribution as a business, in terms of the homes we create, the tax we pay and the jobs we create. Over the last five years, we have contributed £2bn to community facilities including affordable housing, and £14bn in total to the UK economy.

In 2020, we undertook an assessment of our business activities across a broader range of indicators, both positive and negative, in order to quantify the value that our activities have on society. This includes the benefits of early careers training, investment in site health and safety, and innovative practices, together with the impacts that we have, such as greenhouse gas emissions. We plan to refresh the assessment over the coming year.

Our Vision, Shared Value, Society

The Berkeley Foundation

Engaging all employees in the work of the Berkeley Foundation  

The Berkeley Foundation is a registered charity, working in partnership with the voluntary sector to focus the skills, resources and fundraising efforts of the Berkeley Group on helping people overcome barriers, improve their lives and build a fairer society. 55% of Berkeley Group employees chose to actively contribute to the charity in 2021/22, through time, fundraising or donations.

We are aiming for every employee to engage in this important work, to help the Foundation build a society where every person can thrive.

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Our Vision Berkeley Foundation

Awards, Accreditations & Partnerships

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Better Society Awards 2022

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Better Society Awards

Latest News

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Ealing Celebrates Street Elite Graduates

Street Elite Festival at The Green Quarter attended by hundreds of local school children...

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Donated to Charity Partners at Berkeley Foundation Awards

£21,000 Donated to Charity Partners at Berkeley Foundation Awards

Donations to 17 local partner charities announced at awards.

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Our Vision, Shared Value, Green Bond

Green Bond to Finance Energy Efficient Homes on Brownfield Land

Berkeley is set to raise £400 million through the issue of a Green Bond, with the proceeds earmarked to deliver energy-efficient homes on brownfield regeneration sites.

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Our Vision, Shared Value, 68 Storey

Berkeley's 68-Storey Race for Children's Charities

Berkeley runners took on 68-storey South Quay Plaza to raise funds for Berkeley Foundation partners

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Our Vision, Shared Value, Youth Homelessness

£10k Boost for Birmingham Youth Homelessness Charity

St Joseph's 10-10-10 challenge to fundraise for St Basils.

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Further Information

2022 Annual Report

An overview of financial and non-financial performance is detailed for 1 May 2021 to 30 April 2022 in the Berkeley Group’s 2022 Annual Report. 

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Berkeley Group 2022 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report


The Berkeley Group's Economic Contribution

This fact sheet presents the results of an impact assessment undertaken by EY of Berkeley’s economic contribution over the last five financial years, 1 May 2017 to 30 April 2022.

Our Vision, Shared Value, EY Factsheet

Fact Sheet


Berkeley Foundation 10 Year Review 2011-2021

An overview of the Berkeley Foundation’s first decade of success, having worked with more than 130 voluntary sector organisations and committed over £23m in support of work with local communities.

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10 Year Review

10 Year Review


Berkeley Foundation 2030 Strategic Plan

An overview of the Berkeley Foundation’s new strategy, making sure the Foundation is fit for purpose for the 2020s and ready to meet the needs of young people and their communities.

Berkeley Foundation Strategic Plan

2030 Strategic Plan


Our Vision 2030: 2022 Progress Update

This extract from the Berkeley Group’s 2022 Annual Report provides an update on progress towards meeting our targets across each of our ten strategic priorities and details highlights for the period May 2021 to April 2022. 
Our Vision, Customers, Our Vision Update

Our Vision 2030