Our approach to sustainability is about considering the future. It is about developing the homes and places of the future without compromising the ability of the younger generations to meet their needs. We consider the long term impacts of our activities and ensure that we take action to reduce them both in terms of running our business efficiently and considerately and by developing sustainable homes and places.

The diagram below outlines our approach to sustainability. Click on each area to see how we promote sustainability in our day-to-day business activities and through the homes and places we create.

Our approach to sustainability

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Communities and sustainable living

Our goal is to transform underused land into unique, well-connected and welcoming places where people and communities can thrive for the long-term

Creating communities

We design our developments to strengthen local community, improve quality of life and have lasting social impact.
To do this we use our Creating Successful Places toolkit and have community plans on our large regeneration sites.

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Our goal is to create a net biodiversity gain and make a measurable contribution to the natural environment on every development

Net biodiversity gain

We recognise the importance of protecting and enhancing biodiversity and aim for all new developments to have more nature afterwards than before.

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Climate action

Our goal is to play an active role in tackling the global climate emergency by creating low carbon, resilient homes

Mitigation and adaptation

We are working to mitigate our impact on climate change and have set a science-based targets (SBTs) to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
We also incorporate features to ensue our developments and homes are resilient to the most relevant impacts: flooding, water shortages and overheating.

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Environmental management

Our goal is to identify and manage environmental risks on our sites. To avoid incidents and reduce the impact of our construction site activities on the environment and local communities

Environmental assessment and management

At all stages of construction, environmental risks and opportunities are considered through a robust environmental assessment process.
We'll continue to have a systematic approach to environmental management and work with our contractors to continue to achieve good environmental management on site.

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Reduce our impact on key resources including water and materials. Design to the principles of circular economy and collaborate with our supply chain to work towards zero waste construction sites

Responsible operations and supply chain

We are working to reduce our impact on key resources including water, waste and paper. We require all our timber to be certified.
We'll continue to work closely with our contractor to use resources responsibly.

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Supporting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, all 193 Member States of the United Nations adopted a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. We have reviewed the SDGs and the targets that sit beneath them, to understand how they relate to our business and where we can make the most significant contribution. Although all the goals are important and interconnected, we have identified four that we have the greatest ability to influence. Further information can be found here.

Housebuilder of the Year Award 2020 & 2019

Berkeley Group is proud to be have been named Sustainable Housebuilder of the Year at the Housebuilder Awards for the last two years running.

The accolades reflects Berkeley's leading approach to enhancing nature on all new sites and our comprehensive approach to tackling climate change.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our approach to sustainability is integrated into our long-term business strategy, called Our Vision. Performance updates on our sustainability-related and other commitments can be found here.

Reports and Case Studies | Sustainability

Reports & Case Studies

Key sustainability documents published by the Berkeley Group, including carbon and climate change disclosures, can be found here.

Governance and Management

Governance & Management

In order to work towards the achievement of our sustainability objectives and commitments we have a governance and management structure in place.