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Modernised Production

Our goal is to harness advanced manufacturing and digital technology to build more homes and achieve higher standards of quality, safety and sustainability.

Our Approach

We are creating a new generation of beautifully designed and precisely made homes. We want to showcase how the industry can modernise to increase production and achieve high standards of product quality, environmental performance and safety.

Advanced Manufacturing

Commencing production at the Berkeley Modular advanced manufacturing facility 

Following extensive prototyping and testing activity, in 2022 Berkeley Modular produced its first modules at our new advanced manufacturing facility in Northfleet, Kent. Berkeley Modular combines our passion for homes and places with the advanced manufacturing technologies pioneered by the automotive and aerospace sectors. Our manufacturing process is digitally enabled and highly automated, turning raw materials and components into fitted and finished modules for new homes in as little as five working days.

Our Vision, Modernised Production, Our Approach, Advanced Manufacturing

Modern Methods of Construction   

Designing homes to maximise the use of modern methods of construction 

Many of our sites already use modern methods of construction, such as bathroom pods and panelised systems, to raise construction standards. Both our internal and external teams have been upskilled on the benefits of modular construction and product design. Over the next year, we will provide additional information to assist every project team in reviewing the potential for advanced manufacture and other forms of modern methods of construction from the outset. 

Our Vision, Modernised Production, Our Approach, Modern Methods

Increasing the Use of Digital Technology   

Assessing the benefits of digitally enabled processes for each home built

We recognise that the industry needs to move forward and begin to both design and deliver homes digitally. A new digital collaboration platform is being rolled out across the business to ensure that we have a complete digital record of every home from pre-construction to post-completion, known as the 'Golden Thread of Information'. This will be supported by the increased use of other technologies such as Building Information Modelling, automated design and collaboration tools. The Berkeley Modular facility will also benefit from automated digital record capture, which enhances safety and maximises efficiency. 

Our Vision, Modernised Production, Our Approach, Digital Tech


Modules Advanced Manufacturing Facility

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Awards, Accreditations & Partnerships

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Future of Real Estate Award

EG Future of Real Estate Awards
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Housing Project of the Year, Urban House at Kidbrooke Village

Offsite Construction Awards 2018

Further Information

Berkeley Modular

Berkeley Modular is a newly-formed company, founded to produce a volumetric modular housing solution specifically for the Berkeley Group.

From our purpose-built technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Northfleet, Kent, our highly skilled workforce will produce a range of modular housing products designed to the high specification and excellent build standards that customers demand from the Berkeley Group.

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This extract from the Berkeley Group’s 2022 Annual Report provides an update on progress towards meeting our targets across each of our ten strategic priorities and details highlights for the period May 2021 to April 2022. 
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