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Our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Vision

"Berkeley is committed to operating incident and injury free and aspires to have a positive health impact on all those employed and affected by what we do."

Our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Objectives

  • To continue to strengthen risk management in all areas
  • To demonstrate enhanced commitment through leadership 
  • To raise standards and promote excellence
  • To actively engage with our supply chain and workforce
  • To drive cultural change through the business and influence the industry
  • To promote Health & Wellbeing arrangements 
  • To ensure clear and effective communication at every level across the business
  • To demonstrate legal compliance

Delivery Our Vision and Objectives

In support of our vision and strategic objectives we have developed a high level action plan designed to deliver ongoing improvements across our operations.

Central to our ongoing improvements and action plan are three core corporate programmes which are designed to provide a platform for actively delivering Health, Safety & Wellbeing improvements in all our operations, a summary of their purpose is set out below:

Good Order Puzzle

Good Order

To raise standards of the physical working environment to the highest possible, thus reducing the potential for injury

Good Work Puzzle

Good Work

To promote a positive culture and develop attitudes and behaviour. To focus on hazards and risks, work planning and delivery through effective management and supervision, thus reducing the potential for injury

Good Health Puzzle

Good Health

To improve Health and Wellbeing awareness and promote enhanced arrangements to create conditions which have a positive impact on Health and Wellbeing in the working environment

The principles of these programmes are applied Group wide to all our operations, and delivered through local arrangements within each business.


Over recent years our Health, Safety & Wellbeing strategy has been recognised as providing a Sector leading approach. This is reinforced through the leadership work Berkeley actively do externally and more obviously through our strong performance demonstrated through accident rates (AIR/AFR) and awards won.

Berkeley Group’s Annual Injury Incidence Rate (AIIR) per 100,000 people is 79, compared to the construction sector average of 326 (HSE, October 2022). Berkeley Groups Annual Frequency Rate per 100,000 hours is 0.04. 

Health and Safety Graph

The Royal Institute for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Awards 

  • Berkeley Capital was named as Winner of the Construction Housebuilding & Property Development Industry Sector at RoSPA’s Health & Safety Awards 
  • Berkeley St Edward was Highly Commended in the Construction Housebuilding & Property Development Industry Sector 
  • Berkeley Homes Eastern Counties won the President’s Award for winning more than 10 consecutive Gold Achievement Awards
  • St James Homes won the Gold Medal for winning more than 5 consecutive Gold Achievement Awards
  • St George PLC, St George City, St George North London & West London, St James London North and St Joseph Homes all received Gold Awards for their safety performance
  • An additional list of over 30 RoSPA Awards have been awarded to the Berkeley Group in the last five years, including the prestigious Diamond Award in recognition of an “outstanding corporate contribution to raising safety standards across the residential sector”. 
RoSPA Award