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Supply Chain

Our goal is to build a responsible and constructive supply chain; one that is productive, practical and profitable, sustainable, ethical and dependable.

Our Approach

We collaborate with our supply chain to share knowledge, increase transparency and reach higher quality, safety and sustainability standards. Together we are building capability with the skills and resources to meet the transforming needs of the modern construction industry.


Implementing 360 degree feedback across our supply chain by 2023

We will continue to improve our communication with the supply chain and will implement annual 360 degree feedback to gain an additional understanding of how we can further enhance our performance.

We will continue to adhere to the Prompt Payment Code, of which we are a signatory, paying our contractors within 30 days.

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Overall value    

Enhancing our tender recommendations sign off process, so we procure on overall value over cost 

Every project must procure on overall value rather than just cost. This includes an assessment of contractors on quality, health and safety, modern methods of construction, sustainability, and ethical considerations such as our supply chain's approach to combatting modern slavery and child labour.

We will continue to enhance our approach in this area and share feedback with our supply chain.

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Launching a new materials strategy

Our extensive materials supply chain is critical to meeting our production needs. To support resilience and continuity of supply for typical materials, we will launch a new materials strategy and form strategic agreements with suppliers, where it does not compromise the bespoke nature of our developments.

We will ensure materials meet our quality, safety and sustainability requirements and are procured ethically.

We will build on this further by preferentially partnering with companies that share our commitment to climate action, maximising the use of products with lower embodied carbon, and working together on sustainability targets such as waste reduction and following the principles of the circular economy. 

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Best practice     

Benchmarking against global best practice, achieving certification by CIPS for Procurement Excellence by 2025

Our supply chain activity will be reviewed to meet the requirements of the globally recognised Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) best practice Procurement Excellence Award.

This will provide the resilience and expertise we need, and support the development of a new supply chain capability, as we roll out new digital technologies and modern methods of construction.

This expertise will also help us achieve our other strategic priorities, such as quality, our science-based targets for climate action and future skills.

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Awards, Accreditations & Partnerships

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Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Members
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Supply Chain Sustainability School Partner
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Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter Signatory

Latest News

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Considerate Constructor Scheme Award winners

We are the only major homebuilder to register every construction site with the scheme. Over the awards year our average CCS site score was 43 out of 50, significantly exceeding the industry average of 37 out of 50.

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Further Information

Modern Slavery

Berkeley Group is committed to increasing its understanding of the risks of modern slavery and child labour in its supply chain, find out more in our Modern Slavery Statement.
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Modern Slavery Statement

Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter

Fair and transparent payment practices are essential to the achievement of successful integrated working on construction projects. This Charter applies to all parties to construction contracts with the aim of helping to create a more collaborative culture and ensure a strong, resilient and sustainable supply chain.
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Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter

Berkeley Group 2020 Our Vision update

This extract from the Berkeley Group Annual Report 2020 summarises performance during May 2018 to April 2020. It includes key achievements across each of the five focus areas in place during the commitment period.
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Our Vision Performance