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About the Berkeley Group

The Berkeley Group build homes and neighbourhoods. We focus on creating beautiful, successful places in London and the South of England. We work together with other people to tackle the shortage of good quality homes, and make a lasting contribution to the landscape and to the communities we help create.

The Berkeley Group is made up of six autonomous companies: St George, St James, Berkeley, St Edward, St William and St Joseph.

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Berkeley Group, Creating Net Biodiversity Gain

More nature

The Berkeley Group is committed to creating a net biodiversity gain on all our new developments. Simply put, this means there will be more nature on each site once the community is built than there was before we began.

To help achieve this, we have developed The Nine Concepts. This is a guide to facilitate discussion about biodiversity, with inspiration and ideas on how to achieve a net gain on new housing developments. It shows you how to retain and create the right habitats for plants and animals and encourages ecologists, landscape architects and local wildlife trusts to work together and make it happen.

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