Our vision is to be a world-class business, trusted to transform the most challenging sites into exceptional places and to maximise our positive impact on society, the economy and the natural world.

Our Vision 2030

Our Vision 2030 is Berkeley Group's ambitious strategy for the future.

Berkeley has always been driven by a clear purpose - to build quality homes, strengthen communities and improve people's lives. We have established a unique culture, and strong values that shape the way we work.

Building on these foundations, in 2010 we created a long-term strategy to guide our business: Our Vision. Since then, it has pushed us forward and helped us lead the industry in important areas like customer satisfaction, tackling biodiversity loss, taking climate action and embracing advanced manufacturing. Read more about a decade of success here.


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Berkeley Group Our Vision 2030


Our 10 Priorities

We have identified ten strategic priorities that will help us to transform tomorrow - through both what we create, and how we work. To pinpoint these topics a materiality assessment was carried out in 2020 by an independent expert consultancy, with a methodology based on international best practice from the Global Reporting Initiative. Read more here.

Each priority has a goal and you can read more about what we're doing to achieve it, as well as our progress, by following the links below:

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What We Create

Places that stand the test of time:

Our Vision, Homepage, What We Create, Customers


Our goal is to put our customers at the heart of our decisions and provide an industry leading home buying experience.

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Our Vision, Homepage, What We Create, Quality


Our goal is to lead the industry in producing high quality, safe homes for all.

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Our Vision, Homepage, What We Create, Communities


Our goal is to transform underused land into unique, well connected and welcoming places where people and communities can thrive for the long-term.

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Our Vision, Homepage, What We Create, Climate Action

Climate Action

Our goal is to play an active role in tackling the global climate emergency by creating low carbon, resilient homes.

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Our Vision, Homepage, What We Create, Nature


Our goal is to create a net biodiversity gain and make a measurable contribution to the natural environment on every development.

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How We Work

Exceptional people and resources:

Our Vision, Homepage, How We Work, Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Our goal is to create a positive working environment for our people; one that fosters respect, support, wellbeing, safety and inclusivity.

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Our Vision, Homepage, How We Work, Modernised Production

Modernised Production

Our goal is to harness advanced manufacturing and digital technology to build more homes, and to achieve higher standards of quality, safety and sustainability.

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Our Vision, Homepage, How We Work, Future Skills

Future Skills

Our goal is to equip our people with the skills they need both now and for the future, enhancing social mobility and inspiring new talent to join the industry.

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Our Vision, Homepage, How We Work, Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Our goal is to build a responsible and constructive supply chain; one that is productive, practical and profitable, sustainable, ethical and dependable.

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Our Vision, Homepage, How We Work, Shared Value

Shared Value

Our goal is to allocate capital to deliver sustainable returns to our shareholders whilst creating value for our other stakeholders including through the work of The Berkeley Foundation.

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About Us, Contributions, Our Customers

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is consistently above 70, compared to an industry average of 45 (on a scale of -100 to +100)

About Us, Contributions, Climate Action

89% of energy consumption is from renewable sources, including 100% renewable electricity for UK activities

About Us, Contributions, Nature

Our biodiversity net gain sites are set to create more than 550 acres of new or improved natural habitats

About Us, Contributions, Climate Action

We have a CDP Climate Change programme leadership rating of 'A-' demonstrating climate action and transparency

About Us, Contributions, Modernised Production

We have delivered and installed our first modules at Kidbrooke Village from our 160,000 sq.ft advanced manufacturing facility

About Us, Contributions, Future Skills

10% of employees are in an earn and learn roles as graduates, apprentices or sponsored students

Awards, Accreditations & Partnerships

Outstanding Achievement Award for Customer Satisfaction 2023

Outstanding Achievement Award

Long Term Business Success Award

Long Term Business Success

Management Today Business Leadership Awards

Better Society Awards 2022

Transformation Award

Better Society Awards

National Sustainability Awards 2022

Carbon Reduction Award

National Sustainability Awards

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Campaign Supporter

Get Nature Positive

Gold Member

The 5% Club

Our Vision, Transformation Award for Berkeley Group

Transformation Award for Berkeley Group

The award recognises Berkeley’s sustainable changes, to address ESG issues.

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Our Vision, Homepage, Latest News, Climate Action

Berkeley Recognised for Leading on Climate Action

Berkeley is the only UK homebuilder to be awarded an A rating for Climate Action and Transparency...

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Our Vision, Homepage, Latest News, Customer Satisfaction

Another Year of Outstanding Customer Satisfaction for Berkeley

Berkeley Group has won top customer service awards in an independent benchmarking assessment...

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Celebrating 10 Years of Success

Find out more about our first decade of successes with Our Vision in the video and brochure below.
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10 Years of Our Vision