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Our goal is to create a net biodiversity gain and make a measurable contribution to the natural environment on every development.

Nature is one of ten priorities in Our Vision 2030, our ambitious business strategy for the next decade. Our goal is to create at least a 10% net biodiversity gain on all our new developments and make a measurable contribution to the natural environment on every development. Read more about our approach here. The information below details our approach and work to date.

Our Approach to Net Biodiversity Gain

We have always recognised the importance of biodiversity and the value that nature brings to people. That is why we incorporate open space, tree-lined streets and parks on our developments. At the start of each project, we instruct an ecologist to use their specialist knowledge to measure the site's biodiversity using our toolkit, based on standardised metrics and values developed by DEFRA and Natural England. This establishes the baseline score. Our approach helps us to make informed choices resulting in stronger and more nature-rich landscapes over the long-term. We already have more than 40 Net Biodiversity Gain strategies in place, which will create 500 acres of new or measurably improved habitats, which is equivalent to an area larger than Hyde Park.

Nine Concepts for Enhancing Biodiversity

We have worked with leading ecologists and landscape architects to create nine overarching design concepts, which help us to create nature-rich masterplans that deliver a measurable net biodiversity gain.

The nine concepts are considered in the earliest stages of planning as part of cross-disciplinary design discussions.

We adopt a unique approach for each site, as it is not always necessary to apply all nine concepts to create a nature-rich, biodiverse place.

Every project is different and bespoke landscape and management strategies are created reflecting the characteristics of the site and its local context.
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Our Approach

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 Setting Standards

We are proud to have led the industry on net biodiversity gain and laid the path for it to become a national legal requirement for all developments.
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 Biodiversity Net Gain

We will continue our established approach to biodiversity net gain on every site, ensuring each new development submitted for planning to a minimum 10% improvement in biodiversity within the site boundary.
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 Habitat Enhancement

We will begin to measure the area of land where habitat enhancements are implemented and ensure through upskilling our managing agents and landscape architects that it is managed successfully in the long term.
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 Environmental Net Gains

We will also broaden our approach to cover wider aspects of the environment so that developments build on our strong approach to nature and begin to achieve environmental net gain, covering flood protection, recreation and improved air and water quality.

Case Studies

Sustainability, Nature, Woodberry Down Case Study

Woodberry Down | Case Study

Sustainability, Nature, Kidbrooke Village Case Study

Kidbrooke Village | Case Study

Sustainability, Nature, Grand Union Case Study

Grand Union | Case Study

Sustainability, Nature, Kings Road Park Case Study

King's Road Park | Case Study

Sustainability, Nature, Edenbrook Village Case Study

Edenbrook | Case Study

Sustainability, Nature, White City Case Study

White City Living | Case Study

Sustainability, Nature, The Green Quarter Case Study

The Green Quarter | Case Study


Track Record

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Barnes Waterside and the London Wetland Centre nature reserve is complete, delivered in partnership with Thames Water, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and Richmond Council 

Sustainability, Nature, 2006 Icon


First planning consent granted for Edenbrook Country Park, Hart 

Sustainability, Nature, 2013 Icon


The 82-acre Edenbook Country Park opens to the public, delivered in partnership with Hart District Council and Natural England 

Sustainability, Nature, 2016 Icon


Berkeley becomes the first homebuilder to commit to delivering a net biodiversity gain on every new site. Woodberry Wetlands opens, a project led by London Wildlife Trust in partnership with Berkeley 

Sustainability, Nature, 2018 Icon


Berkeley completes its first net biodiversity gain landscape at Cator Park, Kidbrooke Village. DEFRA consults on making net biodiversity gain mandatory for all developments, citing Berkeley's example 

Sustainability, Nature, 2019 Icon


Government introduces Draft Environment Bill, including plans to make net biodiversity gain mandatory for all new developments 

Sustainability, Nature, 2020 Icon


Cator Park, Kidbrooke Village wins the Sir David Attenborough Award for Enhancing Biodiversity at the Landscape Institute Awards 

Sustainability, Nature, 2021 Icon


Berkeley has now designed more than 40 neighbourhoods to deliver a measurable net biodiversity gain. Berkeley starts to develop an approach to environmental net gain 

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