Legal Notice

Berkeley Group plc and associated companies have obtained a High Court injunction preventing unauthorised access into buildings and building sites on the following properties:

  • Roof or external structure of Saffron Tower as shown edged in red on plan 1
  • Roof or external structure of 12,14 and 16 Dingley Road as shown in green on plan 2
  • Roof or external structure of 6 Macclesfield Road as shown in green on plan 2
  • The construction site at 250 City Road, shown edged red, but excluding the buildings coloured green on plan 2.
  • The construction site at South Quay Plaza shown edged red on plan 3

This follows a number of incidents where individuals placed themselves and others in danger. The injunction was sought against two named individuals and other unnamed individuals who may seek to trespass in future.

A copy of the Order is below:-

Further information relating to the injunction can be obtained by contacting Berkeley Homes on 020 7601 7333.

We take the safety of the public and our staff extremely seriously. Individuals who engage in persistently disruptive and dangerous behaviour put themselves and others at risk of significant harm. We will always act to prevent them from doing so.