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6 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home for Summer

Summer is finally here. With the sun flooding through the windows in the morning, the flowers blooming in a cornucopia of colour in the garden and the sound of birdsong filtering through the window, your home will be looking at its most beautiful.

The UK is a summer-loving nation and that goes for our homes too - bringing that little bit of sunshine in your house or apartment can lift your mood and help you take full advantage of the season.

So, with that in mind, we've come up with 6 ways you can brighten up your home for the summer season.

Bring out the flowers

Nothing says summer quite like the brilliant colours of flowers in bloom. From the tulip fields of Keukenhof to the buffet of floral beauty at the Chelsea Flower Show, flowers are synonymous with summer, so why not bring some into your home?

Pick out some big and vibrant colours for your indoor flowers and give them space to shine by adding them to statement spots, balconies and living areas. They don't even need to be real - artificial flowers have come far in the past decades and will do perfectly well.

6 Ways to Bright Home for Summer, Bring out Flowers | Berkeley Inspiration

Buy summer sheets

For many, the seasons changing means a change of bedding. Heavy blankets and bulky duvets are traded out for lighter, airier sheets to match the warmer temperature.

If you're one of these people, then consider picking out summer sheets that reflect the season! Go for breezier colours - light blues, pinks, lilacs all work brilliantly, tuning your sleeping quarters into the gentle summer climate.


There's always a good time to declutter your home, but summer is surely one of the best times. Offloading unwanted furniture, tidying away old decorations and switching things up can refresh your home in time for summer making it feel like brand new.

If you do end up decluttering, always try to donate, recycle or sell your discarded stuff before throwing it away. This helps keep it from going to landfill.

Switch up your curtains

Nothing says deep, dark winter like heavy curtains that prevent the sun from beaming through and stopping any natural light dead in its tracks. These curtains are brilliant for keeping things cosy in the colder months, but not much good when things heat up.

Consider switching up any curtains like these in your home for thinner and lighter shades and translucent options to keep your privacy safe while allowing all that glorious summer light in. Blinds in particular are great for their flexibility and adaptability.

Get inspiration from nature

Summer is the season where nature spills out from the great outdoors and into our homes - so why not take some inspiration from the wild world outside? Get a bit of that wonderful natural summer beauty into your interior d├ęcor.

This can be as simple as adding few shades of green here and there or adding floral patterns where you can, from dishcloths to oven gloves. Another idea is to switch up your artwork - Arcadian scenes of natural landscapes are a timeless classic.

6 Ways to Bright Home for Summer, Get Inspired | Berkeley Inspiration

Set up your outdoor area for summer

If your home has a garden, a communal area or even a balcony, now is the time to get these spaces set up for summer. Bring out some chairs and a table, wheel out the barbecue, put up bunting, plant some pollinating flowers for the bees and turn your outdoors into a summer's paradise.

With the temperamental British weather all year round, now is one of the few chances for us Brits to make the most of the summer!

6 Ways to Bright Home for Summer, Outdoor | Berkeley Inspiration

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