What is Sustainable Housing?

Nature, communities, and climate action are a big part of our business strategy (Our Vision 2030)—helping us to build more sustainable homes and places for our customers and communities.

With industry-leading commitments to brownfield regeneration, community development, and climate action , we put people and the surrounding environment at the centre of everything we do. But what does this mean in practice?

Read on to discover how we’re creating sustainable housing developments—and what this means for home buyers like you.

What is a Sustainable Housing Development?

The International Institute for Sustainable Development defines sustainable developments as those which ‘meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.

Our approach to sustainability is about promoting positive change for present and future generations. For example, our brownfield regeneration projects are an integral part of how we create places that enrich the environment—and improve people’s quality of life.

How does it work? We take challenging and complex sites - such as a former industrial estate in Alperton - and transform them into areas that reconnect with surrounding communities. This includes restoring nature, investing in communities, and establishing transport links to create sustainable housing developments with good connections to their surroundings.

Alperton development, comparing a former industrial estate to a community-focused setting featuring residential homes.

3 Advantages of Buying a Sustainable New Home

Should you plan to move, you’ll likely want your new home to be suitable for years to come. With consideration of surroundings and the home itself, our buyers can experience many of the following benefits - now and in the future.

1. Nature on Your Doorstep

Buying a home as part of our sustainable housing developments brings you closer to nature. With areas such as parks, wetlands, grasslands, and more on your doorstep, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of having nature nearby.

The Mental Health Foundation found that people who are more connected with nature tend to be happier. Especially in environments that are clean, high-quality, and rich in biodiversity. That’s why we place a high value on creating developments that add to nature, rather than take from it. Or, as it’s otherwise known, ‘biodiversity net gain’.

With landscapes that increase local levels of biodiversity, we’re able to create ecosystems where people, plants, and animals can thrive collectively. Access to green space, good transport links, and even ‘mini rooftop gardens’ atop selected buildings are just some of the initiatives that help us make a big difference.

Residents enjoying the rooftop garden of one of our London developments.

2. Community-Centric Living

Sustainability in housing is also about creating places where people and communities can thrive. We know from experience that the positive impacts of a good development can be felt far beyond the boundaries of our sites.

We focus on creating beautifully designed and well-maintained spaces for all to enjoy. 

Once a derelict jet engine testing facility, Hartland Village has transformed into an appealing neighbourhood. The once-abandoned site is now full of new facilities including a food store, gym, bistro, parkland, community hub and flexible retail spaces that create new employment opportunities.

New homes overlooking a water fountain, positioned next to green trees, plants, and grassy banks.

3. Sustainable New Homes

A key benefit of sustainable housing is the home itself. Unlike more traditional properties, our new homes are bursting with features that have a lower impact on the environment.

For example, our sustainable new homes are highly insulated reducing the need for heating and include energy efficient features. They also include LED lighting as a more efficient alternative to incandescent bulbs.

Combined with efficient appliances, recycling facilities, and EV charging points (selected developments), we’re improving the sustainability of our housing.

A spacious, modern kitchen of one of our new build homes, featuring LED lighting and efficient appliances.

Sustainable Housing Developments, Suited to You

From riverside apartments in London to nature-immersed homes in Hampshire, our new build developments are designed to suit all preferences. Plus, with a 10-year warranty on our homes - including the first two years covered by Berkeley Group - we’re committed to customer satisfaction for long-term peace of mind.

Ready to make your move? Browse our ready-to-move-in homes to find your perfect property today or see what makes Berkeley Group special with our awards.