Berkeley, Sustainability, Management Systems & Processes

Management Systems and Processes

The Berkeley Group operates through a number of autonomous divisions, each with its own board of directors.

All of our divisions have a sustainability management system in place that follows the principles of the ISO14001 standard. Our sustainability management systems include procedures to manage sustainability at each stage of the development process, from land purchase, through design, procurement and construction, all the way to marketing and sales.

Our central Sustainability Team manages, maintains and reviews the sustainability management systems. The team is also responsible for ensuring implementation of the procedures, providing any necessary training and undertaking progress reviews and audits.

During the construction process, members of the sustainability team visit each of our construction sites on a formal basis every four months to assess compliance with our internal procedures, check regulatory and planning compliance and promote good practice. A formal report from each visit is sent to the relevant construction managers and directors to ensure any issues are dealt with appropriately. Higher risk sites, such as those with stringent environmental planning conditions or in a sensitive setting, are visited more frequently. Biennial audits are also conducted on our permanent offices to check compliance against the Green Office Policy Statement and company procedures and identify areas for improvement.

Sustainability is further embedded in the business through its inclusion as an item on the agenda of many of our meetings, from board level all the way down to project review meetings on each of our developments. These meetings are supported by a robust system of internal sustainability performance reporting.