Reports & Case Studies

Carbon and Climate Change Disclosures

The Berkeley Group has published the below documents to provide details on our approach to carbon and climate change:

  • GHG Emissions and Energy Consumption Supporting Information
    Details the methodology adopted to calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption presented in the Berkeley Group's Annual Report.
  • GHG Emissions and Energy Consumption Independent Limited Assurance Report
    Provides an overview of the independent limited assurance provided on the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption presented in the Berkeley Group's Annual Report.
  • Carbon Neutral Approach Overview
    We are proud to have been carbon neutral in our direct operations (Scope 1 and 2) since May 2017, by reducing emissions, procuring 100% renewable electricity in the UK and offsetting more than the remaining emissions. This document provides an overview of our approach.

Sustainability Reports

There is no stand-alone sustainability report for 2013 onwards. Details of our approach to sustainability as part of our integrated business framework, Our Vision, can be found within our Annual Reports and Our Vision reports.

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The report provides a short summary of our approach and performance. The separate performance report contains our detailed performance data.

Our tenth sustainability report, assessing progress against our first phase of Vision2020 Commitments.

The first sustainability report to introduce our Vision2020 strategy, supported by a separate performance report.

This report uses extensive case studies to provide readers with an engaging understanding of how the strategy has been implemented.

This is our first report to be assessed against the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines to Level C and provides a quantitative performance report.

This report introduces our "Let's Talk" conferences, which have been a continued success since their launch.

This report introduces the new governance structure, as well as providing an assessment of progress against targets and supporting quantitative data.

This report focuses on the legacy that projects leave behind and provides examples of how Berkeley incorporate sustainability into the development cycle.

This report introduces The Berkeley Group Strategic Sustainability Model, which helped to shape the strategy for the next six years.

This report provides the first assessment of progress against targets which were established in 2002.

Our first sustainability report, which establishes our commitment to urban regeneration and sustainability.