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External Measures of Success

FTSE4Good is a FTSE Index designed to allow investors to identify and invest in companies that have globally recognised corporate responsibility standards. This is an 'in-or-out' rather than a 'best-in-class' Index. If a company can demonstrate that it has met the minimum criteria then they will be included in the index. Each year, the minimum criteria become more stringent, therefore requiring Berkeley to demonstrate improving standards. The Berkeley Group has been listed in FTSE4Good since 2003. For more information please visit the FTSE4Good website.

In April 2008, The Berkeley Group was awarded the UK's most prestigious award for business performance, The Queen's Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development.

The Queen's Award recognises companies which have made outstanding advances in performance or have a high level of continuous achievement. Following a rigorous assessment process, The Berkeley Group was recognised in the Sustainable Development category for strong leadership, promoting best practice in our sector and embedding sustainability throughout our business operations.

In particular, the Queen's Award office praised our sustainable procurement strategy and for taking a long-term view to issues such as business ethics and climate change.

The Queen's Award lasts five years and therefore expired in 2013.

In November 2012, The Berkeley Group was ranked first in the NextGeneration benchmark of the top 25 UK homebuilders for the sixth year running.

Introduced in 2006, the benchmark assesses and ranks homebuilders on their sustainability strategy, policies and practices. Companies are assessed against an extensive set of criteria which look at strategy, governance and risk management as well as the companies' track records and future targets in relation to environmental, social and economic impacts.

CDP encourages organisations to measure and disclose their impacts on the environment, and to take action to reduce them. Berkeley participate in the project by voluntarily disclosing information about our management processes for climate change and our progress against carbon targets.

Following the submission of climate change data to CDP, companies are scored using two metrics; a Carbon Disclosure Score and a Carbon Performance Score. The Carbon Disclosure Score assesses companies on the quality and completeness of their disclosures. The Carbon Performance Score recognises the extent to which companies are taking positive action to mitigate their impact, manage the risks and seize the opportunities presented by climate change.

In 2012, Berkeley achieved a Carbon Disclosure Score of 76, higher than that of all other UK FTSE 350 homebuilders. Our Carbon Performance Score of 'C' indicated that our performance is comparable with our peers. We continue to try to improve our CDP ranking each year by improving our transparency and management practices.

For more information, please see the CDP FTSE 350 Climate Change Report 2012.

We are also proud that our efforts to embed sustainability within our business have been recognised through a number of industry awards. Recent awards have included: 

  • 3 Gold Awards, 7 Silver Awards and 10 Bronze Awards at the 2013 Considerate Constructors Scheme National Site Awards. As well as achieving a Gold Award, one site was also a Runner Up for the Most Considerate Site Award

Berkeley is delighted that its commitment to continuous improvement is often recognised by a range of industry and national awards. These independent validations of achievement are important yardsticks of the sort of progress that Berkeley is perpetually striving to make.

Further details on Berkeley Group awards.