Berkeley, Environmental Sustainability

What it means to us

At Berkeley, environmental sustainability means managing and minimising the environmental impact from our operations and delivering homes and communities that are environmentally sound, as well as being designed and built to a high quality.

We pride ourselves on having led the way in our commitment to achieving environmental performance standards across our portfolio, beginning with our industry-leading commitment in 2008 for all new schemes to reach Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3. Since this time, environmental performance of homes has become heavily regulated and we are now focusing on ensuring that every place we create is also designed to provide high levels of comfort and can cope with more extreme weather conditions.

As well as reducing the environmental impact, we have also been looking for ways to have a net positive effect on the environment. The climate change negotiations in Paris in late 2015 clearly stated it is the responsibility of business to lead on reducing carbon emissions. In response and to once again lead the industry we have committed to become carbon positive. We are the first major housebuilder in Britain to do this. We have also committed to ensuring our new developments have a positive impact on the environment by developing an approach to deliver a net biodiversity gain on our future sites.

The Sustainability Living Tool

The Sustainability Living Tool was developed for our customers to demonstrate and explain what measures have been taken across our sites to encourage them to lead more healthy lifestyles. It highlights the measures that Berkeley has taken to ensure that the communities, buildings and homes we create make it easy to live a sustainable lifestyle. The tool is an interactive diagram and provides further facts about living a sustainable lifestyle.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

Through our business framework, Our Vision, we have a number of commitments to ensure we are delivering environmental sustainability. Some of these are new, stretching commitments and others are business as usual activities. Our environmental targets are based around our own business operations, the design of the homes and communities we build and on promoting sustainable living to customers. In summary we are committed to:

  • Reducing our operational carbon emissions intensity by 10% and introducing a programme to become carbon positive

  • Developing and applying an approach to ensure that all new developments create a net biodiversity gain

  • Designing our homes to consider future climate change to ensure continued thermal comfort

  • Continuing to understand the risks in our supply chain and implementing a sustainable specification and procurement strategy

  • Ensuring that all timber purchased by Berkeley and by our contractors is certified

  • Reducing construction waste by 10% and re-using or recycling at least 90% of total waste produced on site

  • Harvesting rainwater for re-use on all new developments and installing living roofs on all residential apartment roof spaces

  • Providing at least one electric car charging point in all residential communal car parks

  • Providing cycle storage on all new developments and internal recycling facilities for every home

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