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In this section you can find out how Berkeley addresses the three pillars of sustainability; social, economic and environmental, including the management processes and governance structure we have in place to manage sustainability through our whole development process.

We no longer have a standalone sustainability strategy. Instead, we operate an integrated business framework, Our Vision. It sets out our goal to be a world-class business generating long term value by creating successful sustainable places where people aspire to live. We have set 10 commitments across five areas which we will deliver between 2016 and 2018. Berkeley's key sustainability targets are included in this framework.

We are delighted that our commitment to sustainability is often recognised by a range of industry and national awards. In 2014 we were honoured to be awarded with the Queen's Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development for five years of continuous achievement. For eight years up until 2014 we came top of the NextGeneration benchmark initiative which ranks the UK's 25 largest homebuilders according to their sustainability strategy and performance. More recently we were the winner of the Achievement in Sustainability category at the PLC Awards.

To find out more about Berkeley's work on each of the three pillars of sustainability, click on the relevant circle in the diagram below.



This is about managing and minimising the environmental impact from our operations and delivering homes and communities that are environmentally sound, as well as being designed and built to a high quality.



We define social sustainability as being about people's quality of life, now and in the future. It is about creating strong communities on our developments as well as running our business with respect and consideration for the workforce, local people and our customers.



This is about applying our resources to maximise the positive impact we can have on local economies for the long term. Each development generates more jobs, tax and economic activity. This in turn supports growth for individual boroughs and the national economy. By running our business sustainably, we contribute more to the success of local communities and increase shareholder value.