The Most Instagrammable Interior Design Trends to Splash Across Your Home

No longer do you just need to rely on magazines and shops for interior design inspiration. Instead, let Instagram do the work for you. Just check in with your favourite influencer and you’ll instantly find out what aesthetic is currently trending. 

With over 6.8 million posts packed full of inspiration currently on Instagram, it’s no wonder the social media platform is practically an interior design category in its own right, with more users trying to create that perfect ‘Insta-worthy’ backdrop. 

If you’re looking for decorating inspiration, we’ve done some research and have found the top interior design styles trending on Instagram right now.

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  Most Instagrammable Interior Design Trends
 No. Interior Design  Instagram
1 Modern  1,894,136 
2 Scandinavian  961,710 
3 Vintage  923,194 
Contemporary  360,297 
Bohemian  222,042 
Industrial  216,364 
Eclectic  195,881 
Coastal  191,511 
French  186,359
10 Country 158,132 

#1 Modern: 1,894,136 Hashtags

Modern interiors are currently the most tagged interior design trend on Instagram. 

First established in the early to mid-nineteenth century, the modern interior design blends the sophisticated simplicity of Scandinavian design with the innovative functionality of the German Bauhaus.

Modern interiors lend themselves well to homes with vast amounts of light – think floor-to-ceiling windows and open-plan living.  

Great for homes with a lot of natural light and open plan living, Susan White, interior designer at Phoenix Interior Design, encourages “minimal but memorable décor, clean lines, and an earthy colour palette for this aesthetic. 

“Choose white, cream, or beige tones, and incorporate splashes of bold colours – such as a brightly painted feature wall – to create an eye-catching contrast.”

West End Gate perfectly captures this modern aesthetic with its clean lines and large windows, creating light and elegantly contemporary spaces. 



West End Gate Modern

West End Gate, Berkeley Group

#2 Scandinavian: 961,710 Hashtags

With the usual hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to see why this was the second most tagged interior design trend on Instagram. Scandi style is all about practicality and prioritising our wellbeing in simple, well-designed, light-filled spaces that offer the perfect place for us to relax and unwind. 

To add a touch of Scandi sophistication to your home, clear out the clutter and opt for minimalist décor; think white walls accompanied by warm wood furniture. And to incorporate a touch of ‘hygge’ (a feeling of cosiness), add throws and blankets in deep blue, grey, or black hues to introduce depth and warmth. 

Chelsea Creek embodies this approach to living, with its relaxing waterside location, cosy yet elegant interiors, and a wealth of onsite wellness facilities for residents. The interior spaces are carefully crafted and designed down to every tiny detail, reflecting the overall philosophy of a contemporary reimagining of classic London style. Every material and texture is chosen to create this sophisticated look, resulting in something truly special and unique. It’s what makes coming home to these apartments feel so good – a personal sanctuary against the backdrop of a busy London lifestyle.



Chelsea Creek Scandi

Chelsea Creek, Berkeley Group

#3 Vintage: 923,194 Hashtags

Although it can refer to any style that takes its influence from an earlier era, vintage interior design typically refers to the d├ęcor of the 1940s and 50s. 

After the Second World War, society became focused on rebuilding and restoring. As a result, interiors were focused on evoking a sense of comfort and homeliness. 

Think pastel colours and floral patterns accompanied by antique brass lighting and beautifully upholstered curved sofas and armchairs to add a touch of vintage to your home.

The vintage style also works really well with more contemporary interiors. Think of a pastel bathroom with a free-standing porcelain bath, or a classic 1950s Smeg fridge in your otherwise modern kitchen.

Vintage is all about marrying the style of earlier periods with modern living, and nothing exemplifies that better than Royal Arsenal Riverside, a perfect blend of sumptuous early 20th century interiors with elegant and contemporary furnishings and fixtures. 



Royal Arsenal Vintage

Royal Arsenal Riverside, Berkeley Group

#4 Contemporary: 360,297 Hashtags

Often confused with modern interiors, contemporary style takes its influence from interior design trends of years gone by to give them a classic, ageless feel.

Contemporary style takes a minimalist approach to home décor, usually with very little to no ornaments on display, hardwood flooring, and an open plan design. 

If you want to transform your home into a contemporary oasis, opt for neutral shades such as creams, whites, and tan. Keep soft furnishings simple with plain cotton, linen and wool fabrics coupled with natural materials of wood, stone, and metal.

To add a statement piece to your contemporary home, think lighting. Nothing makes a better impact in a minimalist room than an oversized lamp or pendant light.

Our Silkstream development in Hendon creates that ideal contemporary look, feeling modern yet timeless. The interior spaces have been designed with inspiration from the ancient Japanese tradition of ‘forest bathing’, using the power of trees to promote wellbeing. It’s that feeling of being under a waving canopy of leaves that help to calm and sooth the soul and stay in balance with nature. The materials used all have sustainability at their core, and the majority of the furniture is made by local artists and craftspeople. Each room evokes a contemporary lightness and freshness, with the calming tranquillity of nature providing an oasis for residents.



Silkstream Contemporary

Silkstream, Berkeley Group

#5 Bohemian: 222,042 Hashtags

If you’re not one to conform to the norm, this one’s for you. 

Originating in Paris in the 19th century, this interior design was inspired by nomadic vagabonds, which explains this unconventional, quirky interior style. 

Bohemian interiors aren’t about decorating your home with the latest gimmick or gadget; it’s about surrounding yourself with trinkets and keepsakes that tell a story and remind you of happy memories.  

To add a touch of boho chic to your home, mix and match colours, materials, and textures to create a cosy and inviting space. Think fringed wall tapestries, woven rugs, and crochet floor cushions in shades of creams, neutrals, deep maroons, purples, and oranges. 

Add plenty of indoor plants, soft lighting, and candles for the ultimate boho ambience, just like at Clarendon. This beautiful development in the heart of north London is all about creating a uniquely captivating place to live and grow. Each apartment offers an eclectic and vibrant palette that residents can use to create their own style, showcasing what makes your home personal to you, whilst all being carefully designed and crafted for a harmonious yet unique feel. This is reflected in the overall development, as different small businesses and independent shops come together to create a new and vibrant community.




Clarendon, Berkeley Group

Interior Design Trends That Didn’t Make the Cut 

The interior design trends of ‘Regency’ and ‘Northwestern’ were the least-tagged interior design trends on Instagram.

Regency is all about rich, lavish, flamboyant interiors. Finishes are gloss rather than matt; think glass tables, chandeliers, silk cushions and white leather chairs. Regency styles also typically feature bold splashes of colour and pattern, such as zig-zag rugs. 

“Northwestern”, on the other hand, was first popularised between 1935 and 1960, making it far more modern than Regence. In keeping with the rustic style expected of the Northwest, the design features a lot of unpainted wood, floor to ceiling glass windows, and minimal decorations. The idea is to bring the outside in, by combining stone and grey décor with water features, statement walls, and a lot of natural light. 

While both styles are beautiful, they are more difficult to incorporate into today’s sleek, glossy interior design aesthetic and less easy to recreate in modern apartments and houses.

Why Do We Want Our Homes to Be ‘Instagrammable’?

These days we aren’t just asking, ‘how will this interior design trend look in real life?’ We also want to know, ‘how will this look on a screen?’
But why is this?

Instagram has transformed how we see our day-to-day lives. Now we see photo opportunities and the possibility of starting a trend where there weren’t before. And when it comes to interior design, it’s no different.

Our homes have always been an extension of ourselves. We project our personality onto the walls around us, we take pride in how our home looks, and hope that our family and friends will like it too. Now, with the growth of social media and the popularity of Instagram, we’re eager to share our interior design flair with an online audience, as well as our nearest and dearest.


For this research, Berkeley Group created a list of more than 100 interior design trends featured on Instagram and used hashtag statistics from the Instagram platform to find out the top 50 interior design trends that received the most tags since the platform was created.

At Berkeley Group, we work with interior design specialists to create elegant, timeless spaces that are respectful of the history and culture of the surrounding area. Our experts use carefully sourced materials to create homes that feel as beautiful as they look. 

Whether you want to move into a home that already has the aesthetic you want, or if you’re looking for a home that provides you with the perfect canvas to create your own style, Berkeley Group has a home for you. You can search our developments to discover the latest opportunities here