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Graduate Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

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We look for graduates that have skills and experience that are relevant to the departments that you wish to apply for. A relevant degree puts you in a strong position but is not essential. If you do not have a relevant degree, we would expect you to demonstrate through your CV and application that you have picked up knowledge and skills that you could apply to the role. For instance, you may have relevant work experience, or completed useful courses in addition to your degree. Certain departments are less reliant on a property-related degree, however we would expect applicants for these roles to be able to demonstrate some knowledge and passion for the property industry.

You are able to submit multiple applications to apply to more than one department if you feel that your qualifications and experience are relevant to more than one area of the business. However, we would recommend that you carefully research the area you are interested in and select the department you feel is most suitable for you.

We seek to recruit the most talented graduates and undergraduates at the very beginning of their careers, to convert academic learning into practical development skills.

We look for people who:

  •  Have a degree in a relevant subject
  •  Demonstrate talent, drive and enthusiasm
  •  Are confident, articulate, dynamic and commercially aware
  •  Have a true passion for the industry
  •  Can quickly develop practical skills and knowledge

No, anyone can apply for the Berkeley Graduate Scheme as long as they meet the minimum academic requirements. To be considered for a graduate role, candidates will typically have graduated within the past four years. If you have more experience than this you may wish to consider applying to a role advertised on our experienced hire page.

Complete the online application form and attach a copy of your CV and a 1 minute video of yourself answering the following question; 'Why are you interested in working for the Berkeley Group and why have you applied for your chosen department?'. Applications for all departments will close on Friday 5th March 2021. Successful applicants will be invited to a first stage interview.

Final stage interviews will consist of a final face to face interview and presentation. Offers will be made to join the Berkeley Graduate Scheme, and the programme will start in September 2021 with a two week induction.

Unfortunately you will not be able to make changes to your application form once it has been submitted. We would strongly advise that you prepare your response in advance in a word processing programme in order to check spelling and word counts. If you wish to amend any personal details then please contact:

The Berkeley Group is an equal opportunities employer. Unfortunately we are unable to sponsor visa applications. If you require a visa to work in the UK you must obtain this independently and provide evidence of this visa before the start of the programme.

You will be based in one of our offices or construction sites in London, Birmingham or the South East . You should be prepared to move between offices and sites based upon business needs. Every effort will be made to ensure that you are placed in the most practical region for you.

We will provide support to graduates who want to work towards their professional qualifications, if it supports your job role. Graduates will not start the process until they have completed their six month rotation

On completion of your rotations you will be placed in the cut and thrust of one of Berkeley's divisions, where straight away you will get the chance to work on one or more of our projects. As time progresses and you start to prove yourself, you will be given increasing levels of responsibility.

Your career progression at the Berkeley Group depends upon you and your career plans. Impressing with the work that you do and being able to demonstrate that you are an asset to the business will stand you in good stead.

To give you an idea of what you can achieve in a relatively short space of time, one graduate that we recruited in 2006 is now a managing director and several more that we have recruited since then are now in director and management positions.

Your application will be acknowledged and we will provide updates at each stage of the interview process. You can request feedback from the graduate recruitment team if you have attended an assessment day. However, due to the high volume of applications it will not be possible to provide feedback at earlier stages.

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