How Help to Buy Assisted First-Time Buyers in Hampshire

Ben (26) and Ayisha (28) Hosemann got more than they bargained for when they accompanied Ben’s mother on her house hunt to Hartland Village, St Edward’s new development in Fleet Hampshire; as soon as the couple arrived they decided to purchase a home of their own – a new two-bedroom apartment which they were able to secure off-plan using Help to Buy. 

Ayisha explains: “We were renting a one-bedroom apartment in Fleet in 2017, which cost us around £1,000 plus bills, before we moved into Ben’s nearby family home – a three-bedroom house – so we could save to buy our own home and pay for our wedding in 2018. When Ben’s family decided to move house in early 2019, it seemed like the right time to start looking at our own home buying options.”

When their search began, Ben and Ayisha thought that shared ownership would be their only realistic option for getting onto the property ladder, and looked at a number of apartments available through the scheme.

Ayisha continues: “We’d ruled out somewhere like Hartland Village during our own property search as we didn’t realise the different ways to buy that are available. Although Ben’s Mum didn’t end up buying a home there, we were so impressed with the development – it just had a great feel and somehow we felt instantly at home. The community plans for Hartland Village, such as the new village centre, just cemented everything for us. We decided to reserve our home shortly after our first visit in 2019.”

With Help to Buy, the government lends 20 per cent of the cost of your newly built home. You pay a deposit of just five per cent and arrange a mortgage to cover the remaining 75 per cent. Over two years - and with a little help from family - Ben and Ayisha were able to save a deposit of £16,000 and buy their stylish two-bedroom apartment, priced at £320,000. The couple moved in in June 2020. 

Ayisha, cabin crew for British Airways, says: “We got the keys to our apartment during lockdown and we were conscious the current situation could potentially make things difficult, but thanks to the efficiency of the St Edward team the process couldn’t have been smoother.”

Ben, an accountant, continues: “Our mortgage repayments are now just over £750 a month, so considerably less than when we were renting – not only is it bigger we actually own our own home.”

The couple’s home is located in Redwood House, an apartment building which forms part of Lakeside, the first phase of apartments and houses at Hartland Village. Their apartment benefits from a large balcony, an open-plan living area, as well as two spacious bedrooms. Ayisha says: “We’re really happy with the layout of our new home; with the current situation Ben is still working from home but now has plenty of space to do so. The second bedroom is going to be a snug – a sofa bed is there for guests, but we can also make the most of the room as a second living and dressing space.”

Ben plans to cycle to work when back in the office. He comments: “We are so ideally placed for so much – my office is a four-minute drive away but I’m going to use my bike because it is so close! We are both active anyway and since gyms have been shut we’ve loved running around the development’s country park and strolling along Basingstoke Canal nearby. There’s so much green space to enjoy.”

Ben continues: “Saying that, it’s hard to believe how easy it is to reach London. We both like getting into the city now and then - the residents’ bus service at Hartland Village takes us to Farnborough station from which we can reach London Waterloo in around 40 minutes.”

Ayisha says: “We love the Fleet area and Hartland Village is such a beautiful addition; driving over the entrance bridge across the lake gives us that ‘we’re home’ relaxed feeling. Living here feels like a dream. We’ve gone from living in a three-bedroom house of five people to having a home to call ours. For the first time since being married it’s just the two of us. We can’t wait for our future at Hartland Village.”

To find out more about Hartland Village or to book an appointment, call 01252 758844 or find out more here.