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Supporting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

Berkeley is committed to helping to achieve the United Nations' (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We recognise that although all the SDGs and the targets that underpin these are important and interconnected, it is imperative to focus our efforts on those that are most material to our business, where we have the greatest ability to deliver meaningful positive impact. In 2019, we further reviewed the SDGs and underlying targets, identifying four that are most relevant to our business activities and that we have the greatest opportunity to contribute to the achievement of, particularly through the Our Vision business strategy.

Decent work and economic growth

Decent Work & Economic Growth, SDG | Sustainability

Relevance to Berkeley

Berkeley supports around 29,250 jobs annually directly and through our supply chain, and has contributed over £13.5 billion to UK GDP in the last five years. Our people are key to the success of our business and we recognise the benefits of ensuring that diverse views and skills are represented. It is important to ensure decent work for all, and equal pay for work of equal value (in line with target 8.5). The skills crisis presents a significant risk to our industry, so it is vital that we encourage new people into employment and promote opportunities for training.

Contribution through our business activities and Our Vision

  • Attract and retain a diverse workforce and create an inclusive environment
  • Provide a variety of routes through which people seeking to improve their skills can join the business, including through apprenticeships, industrial placements and our Graduate Scheme
  • Provide the right environment and support to enable employees to fulfil their potential
  • Take action to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking does not take place within our business and supply chain
  • Committed to paying employees at least the Living Wage Foundation's Living Wage

Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable Cities, SDG | Sustainability

Relevance to Berkeley

Over the last five years, we have built in the region of 20,000 homes across London and the South of England. The nature of our business provides the opportunity to have a positive impact on the places where we operate. We recognise the importance of creating homes and places with reduced environmental impact (in line with target 11.6) and spaces that are inclusive, accessible and resilient (in line with target 11.7).

Contribution through our business activities and Our Vision

  • Develop complex brownfield sites that carry high operational risk, which others are usually not willing or able to take on
  • Create well-designed, high quality, safe and sustainable homes and places that are resilient to climate change and have more nature after than before we started developing
  • Implement a coherent approach to building communities and look to understand the social value generated by new development
  • Incorporate features into homes and places that make it easier for residents to live a sustainable lifestyle and that contribute to their wellbeing

Responsible resource use

Responsible Resource, SDG | Sustainability

Relevance to Berkeley

Berkeley has a global supply chain and uses a range of products and services that have the potential to lead to negative impacts. We seek to minimise these impacts and have a positive influence where possible (in line with target 12.2). Raising awareness and encouraging residents to use resources responsibly and live sustainable lifestyles (in line with target 12.8) is also key.

Contribution through our business activities and Our Vision

  • Procure contractors based on overall value, rather than cost alone, through the use of our Tender Scoring Matrix
  • Target reduced energy and water consumption, and waste production
  • Register all development sites with the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS)
  • Apply our Sustainable Specification and Procurement Policy, including a requirement for certified timber
  • Provide customers with information on sustainability features relevant to their home and community

Climate action

Climate Action, SDG | Sustainability

Relevance to Berkeley

Berkeley consumes significant quantities of energy, particularly during the operation of our construction sites. We have a role to play in mitigating climate change by taking steps to reduce energy consumption and using less carbon intensive options. We can also help our residents use energy and water responsibly.

It is fundamental that Berkeley builds homes where people can live comfortably both now and in the future, strengthening resilience to climate-related risks (in line with target 13.1) such as flooding, water shortage and overheating.

Contribution through our business activities and Our Vision

  • Reduce operational carbon emissions and continue to be carbon positive
  • Install low carbon and renewable technologies within homes and developments, and enable our developments to achieve zero operational carbon emissions in the future
  • Design features into our developments to increase resilience to climate change impacts, including rainwater harvesting, low water use fittings and measures to ensure thermal comfort
  • Incorporate green infrastructure into our developments, such as open space and living roofs