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What we do?

We create beautiful and successful places where homes, parks and the public realm blend seamlessly to provide our customers with somewhere to live, work and play. In developing our built environment we put people first. We aim to create places that work for everyone, and communities where people are happy, connected and self-reliant.

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What we are offering?

We are on the look-out for new talent to join our diverse projects and teams. Building Futures is designed to provide us with future managers, allowing us to continue to grow and remain a world-class business, whilst giving you the opportunity to be part of a dynamic company.

Being a Building Futures trainee offers you a number of advantages when considering your post-school options:

  • Starting Salary of at least £19,500*
  • Learning whilst earning, with a fully funded part-time university course worth approximately £27,000
  • 9 month long structured placements in each of our departments before choosing a career and further education
  • 20+ placement days with our supply chain
  • September start date giving you a full summer holiday after leaving school
  • Bespoke work folder designed to develop your skills, as well as your knowledge of the business

*Actual wage may vary with each intake 

Department Rotations

For the first nine months of the programme you will spend a month in each department to understand what they do and the job roles you could end up in.

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What we are looking for?

The programme is open to anyone in their final year of school or college studying towards A-Levels or an equivalent qualification, although recent school leavers will also be considered.

The programme is currently only available in one division of the Berkeley Group, so applicants must be prepared to work at our Sevenoaks office in Kent and be willing and able to travel to developments across Kent and South-East London.

We are looking for enthusiastic, articulate and resilient people with an open mind and desire to learn and work. Although there are no minimum grade requirements, trainees will be expected to go on to part-time further education after their first year, so sufficient grades to continue in education are required.

Case Studies

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To find out more about the programme, business and application process take a look at our handbooks.

Building Futures Handbook

St William Building Futures Handbook

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How to apply?

Applications usually open each year in
October and close in January.
Applications are currently closed

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Building Futures Programme,
please contact or
to find out more about the St James/ St William division