School-Business partnership gets construction students out of the classroom

19th October 2016

St George, School-Business Partnership

During UK Construction Week, St George and Fulham Enterprise Studio are celebrating a unique partnership which is helping young people gain the knowledge they need for a career in construction.

Fourteen Year 12 students from the Fulham school are being co-taught their Construction BTEC course by construction specialists working on the Chelsea Creek development.

St George staff are helping teach topics including understanding the roles and responsibilities of different jobs on a construction site; the legal duties of a developer in regards to health and safety; and identifying risks and hazards.

As well as lessons taught in the Chelsea Creek project office and tours of the working site, directors and senior managers at St George have spoken to the students about their career paths.

Tom Watson, Head of Construction at Fulham Enterprise Studio said: "St George has provided our students with a unique opportunity to be taught their BTEC by experienced construction workers, with the added advantage of being on a live development site. These experiences will be invaluable for their studies and getting a practical understanding of what it's like working in the construction industry."

Paul Millson, Construction Director for St George added: "St George has three developments in Hammersmith and Fulham and we are delighted to be a partner of Fulham Enterprise Studio. We are passionate about supporting young people in their careers; we hope this unique school-business partnership will inspire and help train construction workers of the future."

St George has been a partner of Fulham Enterprise Studio since 2014, providing students with tours of construction sites in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, work experience placements and apprenticeship opportunities in a range of trades.

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