Pop-up Art Gallery and Trench Engine on Public display at Dickens Yard's Historic Fire Station

25th June 2015

St George, Dickens Yard, Trench Engine, Art Gallery

The Old Fire Station at Dickens Yard is showcasing a range of artworks created by local artists in a free exhibition running from 8 to 30 July 2015.

The exhibition will feature artworks including paintings, ceramics, mosaics, crafts and botanical art, created by over 20 local amateur and professional artists as well as the "Trench Engine" courtesy of The London Museum of Water and Steam.

The London Museum of Water and Steam, displayed their oldest surviving engine to the Art Fair, allowed spectators the opportunity to admire the "Trench Engine" on 14 June. Estimated to have been built around 1862, the engine was originally built as a Shand Mason steam fire engine before subsequent modifications permitted its additional use for water pumping and fighting fires.

Having originally been housed with the London Metropolitan Fire Brigade, the engine was sold to the Southwark and Vauxhall Water Works Co in c1876 and was used to pump water from properties following a burst mains pipe and for pumping out trenches that were dug to make repairs. From early photographs it is evident that the engine underwent significant modification during its years of service, before being retired in c1920. Since being loaned to the Museum from the London Fire Brigade Museum, the engine has undergone extensive restoration and is now one of the most popular exhibits in the museum collection.

Ian Dobie, Managing Director of St George West London said: "The Old Fire Station at Dickens Yard is a charming Victorian heritage building. We are delighted to open it up to the community for an art exhibition and to showcase the London Museum of Water & Steam's "Trench Engine" ."

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