Dickens Yard Commercial Opportunities

In addition to almost 700 new apartments being developed in the heart of Ealing - Dickens Yard will bring circa 100,000 sq ft of commercial space.

  • Located in the heart of Ealing
  • In close proximity to Ealing underground
  • Public car park at Dickens Yard
  • 24 hour Estate Management

Available Units

  • Key
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Hotel
  • Health
  • Bar & Restaurants
  • Mixed Use
Block Unit Status Type/Use Occupiers Sq ft Details
A 1a Unreleased A3/A4 5,132 Unreleased
B 1b Unreleased A3/A4 26,037 Unreleased
C 12a Unreleased A3/A4 1,964 Unreleased
12d Unreleased A3/A4 1,659 Unreleased
12b Unreleased A3/A4 2,234 Unreleased
12c Unreleased A3/A4 1,580 Unreleased
12e Unreleased A3/A4 2,227 Unreleased
D 15 Unreleased A3/A4 3,143 Unreleased
16a Unreleased A3/A4 4,482 Unreleased
17a Unreleased A3/A4 1,841 Unreleased
17b Unreleased A3/A4 2,020 Unreleased
18b Unreleased A3/A4 5,126 Unreleased
18c Unreleased A3/A4 4,320 Unreleased
F 22 Unreleased A3/A4 1,060 Unreleased
23 Unreleased A3/A4 1,051 Unreleased
25 Unreleased A3/A4 1,246 Unreleased
26 Unreleased A3/A4 1,440 Unreleased
27 Unreleased A3/A4 3,302 Unreleased
G 21a Unreleased A3/A4 3,908 Unreleased
21b Unreleased A3/A4 3,908 Unreleased
H 19 Unreleased A3/A4 2,464 Unreleased
11a, c & d Reserved A3/A4 Charlottes W5 6,656
11b Reserved A1/A3/A4 Benham & Reeves 1,857

Site Plan

Dickens Yard is a mixed use development in the heart of Ealing bring circa 700 apartments and 100,000sq.ft. of commercial space to the town centre.

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Contact Details

Dickens Yard brings exciting commercial opportunities to the heart of Ealing.
Knight Frank
55 Baker Street, London,W1U 8AN
+44 (0)20 7629 8171
Opening hours: 9am-6pm
Bruce Gillingham Pollard
Orion House, Upper St Martins Lane, London, WC2H 9EA
+44 (0)20 3551 5620
Opening hours: 9am - 6pm