Battersea Reach Commercial Opportunities

Battersea Reach is a thriving Riverside Destination with a superb selection of on-site amenities within this established waterside community

  • National rail options nearby
  • On site customer underground car park
  • Links via the A3, A(205) and A24
  • 24 hour managed estate with concierge
  • In excess of 75,00* motor vehicles on the roundabout per day
  • London Heliport is only a short distance from Battersea Reach

Available Units

  • Key
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Hotel
  • Health
  • Bar & Restaurants
  • Mixed Use
Block Unit Status Type/Use Occupiers Sq ft Details
D 1 Completed B1 First Trade Ltd 1,777
D 2 Completed A1/A3 Cake Boy French Patisserie and Coffee Shop 1,963
D 6 Completed B1 Bartholomew Landscaping Ltd 1,627
C 7 Completed B1 Pol Roger 1,600
C 8 Completed B1 Nathan Dew 1,500
C 9 Completed B1 Farr Vintners Ltd 5,342
C 10 Completed D1 My Health Clinic Ltd 1,943
C 11 Completed B1 Ptah Ltd 1,381
B 12 Completed B1 AB Associates 1,271
B 13 Completed B1 Westcott Design 2,000
B 14 Completed A3 Youngs Waterfront Bar and Restaurant 5,423
B 15a Completed B1 Creativemass 0
B 15b Completed B1 Elliston & Southwick Fine Wines 0
B 15c Completed B1 Martin & Co. Property Management Office 0
B 16 Occupied D1 FRED'S Personal Training 1,459
E 17 Completed B1 British Ballet Organization Ltd 5,479
E 18/19 Completed D1 Riverside Nursery 1,963
A 20a Completed B1 Representation Plus 1,777
A 20b Completed B1 Entourage Security 1,709
A 20b Completed B1 Entourage Security Ltd 1,709
S 21a Completed B1 VooPrint Ltd & VooSub Ltd 1,845
S 21b Completed A1 Edible Kitchen and Café 1,678
S 21c Completed A1 Michaela Mitoi Hair & Beauty Salon 847
S 22 Completed A1 Tesco 4,068
F 23 Completed A2 Martin and Co. 391
G 24 Completed B1 Ocean Dusk 2,301
G 25 Completed B1 Fonehouse Ltd 1,790
H 26a Completed A1 1,863
H 26b Completed B1 Arch Angle Ltd 1,061
J 27 Completed B1 Passion4Health 1,074
Q 31 Completed B1 Smallwood Architects 2,409
Q 32 & 33 Completed A1 Cycle Republic 4,187
T 35 Available A1/A3 1,569 More
T 36 - 37 Completed A1/A2/A3/B3 Plus One Gallery 3,705
T 38 Completed A1 Ô Gourmet Libanais 1,497

Battersea Reach Commercial Site Plan

Battersea Reach is a mix use development with over 75,000sq/ft of commercial space

St George, Battersea Reach, Commercial, Site Plan

1. First Trade Ltd
2.Cake Boy French Patisserie and Coffee Shop
3. Battersea Reach Sales & Marketing Suite
4. Gym & Tonic Residents' Fitness Suite
5. Residents' Business Centre
6. Bartholomew Landscaping
7. Pol Roger
8a. Nathan Dew
8b. The Authentic Pilates
8b. Cortisso
9. Farr Vinthers
10. MyHealthcare Clinic

12. AB Associates
13. Westcott Design
14. Young's Waterfront Bar and Restaurant
15b. Elliston & Southwick Fine Wines
15c. Martin & Co Property Management Office
16. FRED's Personal Training
18/19. Riverside Nursery
20a. Represntation Plus
20b. Entourage Security
21b. Edible Kitchen and Café
21c. Michaela Mitoi Hair & Beauty Salon
22. Tesco Express with cashpoint facility
23. Martin & Co Letting Agents

24. Ocean Dusk
25. Fonehouse
26a. PTAH
26b. Arch Angle
28. Project Office
29. Concierge Office
30. BoConcept
32/33. Cycle Republic
A. Riverside Walk
B. The Ship Bar & Restaurant
(through Pier Terrace underpass)


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