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Opened in 1820, City Road Basin was the pumping vein of London's Industrial Revolution. Raw materials such as coal, stone, iron
and timber flowed into the heart of the capital and was integral to the city's exponential growth. iBasin ties the modern,
tech-driven future of Silicon Roundabout to the history of the neighbourhood.

"Up and down the City Road,
In and out the Eagle,
That's the way the money goes -
Pop goes the weasel!"

As you walk through City Road you're greeted with endless historical artefacts and street names that hark back to the history of the area. For instance, professional tradesmen such as ironmonger Thomas Mitchell, spectacular entertainment within The Grecian Saloon Theatre and the presence of evangelical legends such as Charles Dickens who drew much inspiration from the area. Many of the scenes in Oliver Twist was set in the nearby workhouses.

The Eagle Tavern' is a historical building located on the corner of City Road and Shepherdess Walk. The Eagle began its guise as an old pub, which was re-built as a music hall in 1825. One of the most popular old English nursery rhymes was written in 1856 and performed at the Theatre Royal. "Up and down the City Road, in and out The Eagle. That's the way the money goes, POP! Goes the weasel."

The City Road Basin where the 250 City Road scheme sits was the second most important traffic centre, handling incoming inland freight, originally under and beyond City Road.

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