What house buyers are looking for this year

What house buyers are looking for in a home this year

We all know what we'd want in a home. Whether it's a tower apartment in central London with views across the city's beautiful skyline or an elegant flat in a village development out in the countryside, we've got an idea of how we want it to look, how big it is and what it comes with.

Often, however, and normally without us realising it, a certain percentage of our tastes for our homes are dictated by trends and what other people are looking for in their properties. These are the trends that change every year and they can leave our homes looking fresh and modern, while still leaving space for those special little touches of personality we leave wherever we go.

We're going to delve into which of these trends are becoming more and more prominent in the 2020 landscape, investigating what those trends are and how they've changed what we want in our new homes.

1. Space to work

With everything that's happened in 2020 so far, a key feature that has changed most in people's lives is the prominence of working from home. Some people enjoy it, some people miss the general hubbub of the office space, some people want a mixture of both - as a result of this, many businesses are considering switching to a more homeworking-friendly way of working.

As such, many house buyers are looking to buy homes that have a space set aside for home working, ideally as a home office setup. People are more willing to put up more money to get an extra room that can be worked from so we can expect that trend to take off in the latter half of 2020.

2. Garden Space

After most have spent a good part of 2020 in lockdown, one thing we've all missed is access to green space. There are few things as comforting, especially during times of stress, than being able to relax, tend and enjoy a garden that's all your own.

As a response to that, gardens are more popular than ever before - a key trend that we're looking at currently is more sales of houses and flats with significant, or at least some, green space. Since gardens are always an attractive feature of any home, they'll also retain their value even as the current trend passes us by so they're always a profitable investment option. Somewhere like our Broadacres site in West Sussex is a fine choice for this entry, thanks to its gorgeous parkland and its connections with the beautiful nearby South Downs national park.

3. Country living

In something of a combination of the previous two points, house buyers are considering more and more the potential of living out in the countryside as opposed to the city. An increase in both the potential for working from home and the desire to connect more with the great outdoors has left buyers considering making the big move from city centres to more rural towns and villages.

For those who work in London, the home counties also present the opportunity to get the best of both worlds, with our developments in Sevenoaks, Kent and Abbey Barn Park, Buckinghamshire offering bucolic beauty with inner city connections to London and beyond.

4. Bigger homes

It shouldn't come as a surprise that we've always been keen on bigger houses. More space means more room for furniture and more room to raise a family, but in the post-lockdown landscape, we're even more attracted to bigger living spaces than ever before.
Since we've spent so much time in our homes recently, unable to leave, changes in scenery, no matter how small, have made a lot of difference in our lives. Having a larger home facilitates that variety nicely, so many house buyers are pursuing bigger properties that can successfully answer those needs. Our Oxfordshire development in Wallingford is an excellent choice for those looking to upscale, with 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses offering flexibility and variety for prospective buyers.

If you know what you're looking for in your next home already and want to get an idea of what options are available to you, search through our Developments and take a look through our collection of tasteful, modern and elegant homes both in the city and out in the countryside.