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Walking on Air

Brighton is renowned for its pebble beaches, beautiful weather and iconic West Pier. The pier suffered a fire in 2003, leaving nothing but a skeleton of the original tourist attraction. Thirteen years later, Brighton welcomed an equally iconic tower, the British Airways i360, produced by the UK's largest airline which spans views of Brighton's south coast.

Architects, Mark Barfield Architects, elected to design and build the tower are known for their eye-catching designs which have been used in various locations including the famous London Eye. Given these credentials, the British Airways i360 was bound to be an architectural masterpiece. It's currently the tallest moving observation tower standing at a height of 162 metres' - boasting 27 metres' more than the top of the London Eye. It can also accommodate up to 200 passengers; that's 175 more people than the London Eye pods.

Where the well-known Marine Palace and Brighton Pier spans out into the ocean, the i360 has a vertical pier which provides a wider birds-eye-view of Brighton sea front and miles beyond.  Home to a marina, pebbled beaches, Seven Sisters chalk cliffs and the South Downs National parks, there are also seaside shops and traditional fish and chips along the shore line for visitors to enjoy.

You can even 'walk on air' on your wedding day, during a corporate event or at a private party. The pod is available to book out, so that you can wow guests with spectacular views. No extra decoration necessary!