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Upcoming home interior trends for summer 2020

With 2020 well underway, the new wave of interior design trends has arrived - sweeping in with the warmer weather to give your home a fresh new look for Spring/Summer 2020. We've delved into the hottest interior design trends so you can update your living space with new accents and features that'll keep you on trend throughout summer. Take a look at the Spring/Summer 2020 trends which are popping up right now and see if any complement your personal aesthetic.


The coming together of Scandi style and Japanese-influenced design is a minimalist match made in heaven. By mixing the two to create 'Japandi', this style evokes the 'hygge' trend of content cosiness infused with the Japanese concept of 'wabi-sabi' - simple yet beautiful aesthetics. Together, they create minimal, muted colour palettes which embrace neutral tones and light, airy hues to encourage a relaxing atmosphere.

When considering furnishings, practicality and simplicity rule the roost. Spaces should be clutter-free and pragmatic, allowing you to live your life free from distractions and inconveniences which can arise from having an abundance of things. Use single decorative features to make a statement which add a functional elegance sophistication to a room. Start with clean, stone-coloured vases and light floral accents which compliment your colour scheme, letting them stand on their own without having to compete with other ornaments.

Warehouse Luxe

Industrial chic is something which seems to be having a big impact on current interior trends at the moment, with exposed brick and concrete surfaces having a wider appeal than just those of the minimalist persuasion. While before the aesthetic seemed to favour a more brutalist, pared-back approach, the introduction of luxury elements are what works to create a feeling of isolated decadence which warehouse luxe seeks to achieve.

Ideally, you'll want furnishings which work alongside metallic or natural wood backdrops with stone or concrete accents. Although it can be considered tricky to make these sorts of styles feel warm and inviting, you can add in textile touches like velvet, pottery and greenery which complements the more stripped-back aesthetic for a cosy finish. Soft lighting and rounded shapes within your furniture can also dial down the factory feel of the room and make it feel more like a cosmopolitan loft space.

Abstract Furnishings

Although minimalism has proved to be ever-popular, there's a new trend in town here with explosions of colour for those who're looking to widen their colour palette and give their world a more eclectic look. This is one for the bold and the brave who want to express themselves more vibrantly through their décor, bursting with citrus hues, geometric patterns, and statement furniture like armchairs, sofas or duvet covers that'll have all eyes on them.

Bringing playful vibes into your home through strategic use of block colours and metallic highlights will be sure to delight anyone who enters, but the trick of it is to make minor changes rather than a full overhaul. If your home has previously been more minimalist then that makes for the perfect blank canvas to throw in a few small yet impactful items that'll inject a bit of retro colour into your life.

Nordic Inspiration

A natural progression from the tranquil Scandi style, this inspirational Nordic trend remains understated while creating a seemingly effortless elegance. Using the stripped-back aesthetic that Scandi is known for as a stylish starting point, you can layer up different textures in a room to create depth that's inviting and comforting. Placing a few recessive patterns here and there can also make a space feel more homely without disrupting the overall feeling of calm.

The muted colour palette is still being used to full effect here, adding subtle pale tones to the room without overpowering the neutral hues. This helps to keep spaces feeling light and airy on darker nights, but throughout summer it'll help capture that last light of the day to keep the fresh, summer vibes flowing. However, going relatively darker when it comes to paints or prints can help certain elements pop if you want to break the mould and draw the eye to certain spots in the room.

Soft Tropics

Bringing the warmth and vibrancy of nature indoors can be an uplifting way to liven up your living spaces. Utilising botanical prints on walls, decorations or textiles can create an indoor oasis alongside a desaturated colour palette of warmer tones that accentuate the relaxing atmosphere. If it's in the bedroom, try looking for bedsheets with subtle prints or cushions which can bring the room together with a tropical plant motif.

Complementing these bold prints and sunny swatches of colour with natural materials in your furnishings can extend the tropical feel, as well as going well with any greenery you want to incorporate with your living spaces. Palm motifs are key for the soft tropic look, so whether that means within your textiles or an actual palm plant residing on a side table, be sure to include a few here and there. Adding botanical touches around the space can help bring the outdoors indoors, with vertical climbing plants making the most of smaller spaces.

Each of these trends can give you a fantastic springboard for decorating your new home, giving you the inspiration to put your own spin on these interior design trends for this spring and summer. If you're interested in viewing the high quality design taking place in our recent developments take a look at some Berkeley Group property developments near you.