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Your Moving Home Checklist

You've purchased your new home and it's almost time to begin an exciting next chapter. But first, take the stress out of moving in with our step-by-step guide.

Moving home can be a stressful time, but if you think ahead and avoid leaving things until the last minute, it doesn't have to cause you a headache. Once you've been given a date for moving, follow this guide full of useful tips.

Book a Removal Company

You can, of course, save money by doing the whole move yourself with a van but don't underestimate the size of the task at hand; this can be incredibly tiring and time-consuming. Hiring a professional company that specialises in moving will take a lot of stress out of the process. Ask people you know for recommendations and get a few different quotes for comparison. Remember to confirm what the quote includes - will the firm provide boxes, help to pack or unpack at both ends? Is insurance included? If you're taking white goods with you, will they disconnect these for you?

Your Moving Home Checklist - Book a Removal Company

Start Preparing for Your Move Early

Start collecting boxes and bubble wrap. It's never too early to start packing away items you won't need soon. Don't forget you'll need to empty your loft if you have one. Fill suitcases with clothes from other seasons (eg, winter coats during summer). Books, artworks and picture frames can also be packed away well ahead of time.

Moving house is also an ideal time to declutter; sell unwanted items on eBay, Depop or local selling pages. is a fantastic way to give anything you don't want to take with you a new loving home, or why not take items to a charity shop? Start to take down or dismantle furniture that isn't being used, such as guest beds and shelves. 

Your Moving Home Checklist - Start Preparing

Start packing in advance
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Pack Smart

Don't overfill boxes so that they're too heavy to safely lift. Use smaller boxes for heavy items or pack them with something lighter like cushions and sheets. As you begin packing, group together items by room. If there's anything that you won't be able to unpack straight away, such as books that need shelves to be put up first, label these as low-priority - it'll save you from opening every box in the first few days in your new home. As you get closer to moving day, remember to pack a box of things you'll want straight away such as the kettle, toaster, lightbulbs, batteries and toiletries.

Your Moving Home Checklist - Pack Smart

Label Boxes Clearly

If your removal company is providing boxes, do not write directly on to the boxes as they'll likely want them back. Writing on paper in marker pens and then attaching it to the box is a clear and easy way to identify them. Or you could use colour coded labels. And don't forget to seal your boxes securely.

Check Insurance

Before purchasing extra insurance, contact your current home insurance provider and ask whether you're already covered for moving. While you're on the call, inform them of your new address too.

Your Moving Home Checklist - Label Boxes

Group items together by room
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Let People Know Your New Address

Do your future self a favour and tick this chore off before you move. Several service providers need to know your new address such as your doctor (if you're moving out of the area you'll also need to apply to a new surgery), DVLA, insurance companies, utility companies, banks and TV licensing. Websites such as can help with this. Don't forget to also let the Royal Mail know to forward your post on.

Your Moving Home Checklist - New Address

Children, Pets and Parking

Moving day can be stressful enough without having to keep an eye on children or pets. Ask family or friends if they can help by looking after them for the day. It's also worth speaking to your current and new neighbours in advance if you're likely to have any parking issues for the removal van on either end.

Start Using Up Food

It's easier to transport some foods more than others so start using up cool or frozen foods and do smaller shops until moving day. Remember to defrost the freezer a few days before and give it a deep clean.

Your Moving Home Checklist - Children, Pets and Parking

Seal your boxes securely
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Your Moving Home Checklist - Using Up Items

Cancel Any Deliveries

Such as newspapers, milk rounds, subscription boxes. If you use food subscription services like Gousto or HelloFresh, remember to update your address as soon as you've moved (they'll likely need a few days' notice before your next delivery is due).

The Day Before

Contact your removal company to confirm timings. Write down a final to-do list for the day that you can check off as you go. Remember to keep anything you don't want to be loaded on to the van aside. Clean the house, unplug any electrical devices (you may need to get appliances like washing machines and dishwashers professionally disconnected) and finish packing any final items - leaving just a change of clothes and toiletries out. Get in something easy for breakfast that doesn't require any kitchenware. Confirm with your Berkeley Customer Relations Team when you will have access to your new home. This will typically be in the afternoon on the day of completion to allow funds to clear.

Moving Day

Remove the sheets from your bed and pack them away. Turn off any electrical appliances and central heating and take a photo on your phone of your utility meter readings. Double-check each room for anything you've left behind and lock all of the windows and doors. Hand your keys over to the estate agent before leaving to pick up your new ones.

Your Moving Home Checklist - The Day Before

Get a few different quotes from removal companies
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