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Where to Visit This Half Term in Berkshire

There are few places in England as idyllic, as picture-perfect and as full of attractions for all ages as Berkshire. Tucked into the central south of the country, it is often hard to believe that this verdant home county is just next door to London, thanks to its arcadian and village-green landscapes.

But aside from the enchanting scenery, adults and children from all walks of life will find fun, excitement and education in the theme parks, castles, and even rainforests in Berkshire's marvellous parishes and towns. Here's our handy guide to some of the best sights to see in beautiful Berkshire.


Let's jump right in with a visit to one of Britain's favourite theme parks Legoland. Just half an hour's drive from Reading, the Legoland Windsor Resort is an absolute delight, and not just for the kids. With 55 attractions all based on the iconic bricks, including 6 water rides, visitors can easily spend a day here between the different themed areas in the park. There's Lego pirates, Lego Vikings, Lego ninjas, Lego knights and even an entire miniature Lego park made up of 40 million Lego bricks and featuring miniature cities from around the world!

Windsor Castle

It isn't an overstatement to say that Windsor Castle is a national treasure. The largest and indeed, the oldest inhabited castle in the world, Windsor Castle offers up a tantalising menu of regal charm, strong history and architectural elegance. For the grown-ups, there is the beautiful interiors and historical halls to explore; for kids there's the plentiful gardens and a programme of family events to enjoy.

The Living Rainforest

A short distance from Newbury in Berkshire is the magnificent Living Rainforest which is packed full of astonishing colours and spectacular wildlife direct from rainforests across the globe. This conservation project features nearly 20,000 square feet of plants and creatures native to the world's rainforests, including monkeys, toucans, sloth, snakes and armadillos.

Beale Wildlife Park

Continuing with the seasonal outdoors theme, Beale Wildlife Park is the next stop for anyone wanting to escape the city and let the kids loose into nature. A 350-acre stretch of parkland, running along the River Thames, Beal Wildlife Park is home to all manner of small critters and birds from both UK farms and from further afield. Be sure to take a journey on the Beale Railway, a small railway that runs for a mile and features a locomotive called Sir Humphrey Davy.

Royal Ascot Racecourse

The Royal Ascot Racecourse is one of Berkshire's most popular attractions, drawing in everyone from enthusiastic locals to the British Royal Family. Located in the pretty town of Ascot, at the heart of Berkshire, this iconic racecourse is also open to children, making it an ideal chance for the whole family to get dressed up for a day at the races. Soak in the exciting atmosphere from the stands, sit down to a meal in the racecourse restaurants or better yet, embrace an Ascot tradition by bringing your own picnic to enjoy.

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