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Top 5 Alternative Workouts to Try in London

Keeping fit can be a tedious activity. Hours spent on the treadmill start blending together, the rowing machine feels like an endless trip to nowhere, and the sight of another set of dumbbells would be the last straw.

Changing things up can be what you need to keep yourself motivated, and motivation is just about the most important thing in keeping fit and healthy. London is home to some very unusual and interesting workout classes, providing the perfect relief to gym tedium.

Poleography Gymbox

Pole dancing is fast becoming recognised as a highly athletic and demanding technique, and one that gives your body a thorough workout. It's even close to becoming an Olympic sport. It takes a great deal of strength and control to pole dance, and Gymbox is offering fun, dynamic classes in locations across London.

Trapeze Gorilla Circus

Spend some time in the air with this trapeze workout, a great way to develop strength and coordination. Classes are open to all ages, and are tailored to your skill level and strengths, starting with basic warm-ups and progressing to simple tricks. It also gives you a good fall-back career if you fancy running away to join the circus.

FloatFit Various locations

Who says you have to choose between the gym and the swimming pool? FloatFit provides a thorough and demanding workout while floating on an inflatable mat. Classes take 30 minutes and cover squats, lunges, burpees and more, all performed while trying not to fall in the water (but you will). Residents of Berkeley Group's London properties will be able to take advantage of FloatFit classes held at the Barbican.

Rave aerobics Gymbox

Raves aren't just for the weekend (or the 80s). Gymbox's Rave class is 45 minutes of neon and high-energy dancing, with dimmed lights and mandatory glowsticks. Naturally alcohol doesn't enter the mix, but you'll need plenty of water to stay hydrated during this very fun workout.

British Military Fitness Various locations

This gruelling workout is led by former and current members of the armed forces, so you can imagine the level of energy and attention required. It's been tailored for a civilian audience, so it's not quite as bad as trying out for the marines, but you'll be doing bodyweight exercises such as star jumps, squats, and press-ups, all in the great outdoors.