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The Best Winter Walks in South England

When winter rolls in and the snow (hopefully) sweep across the country, the countryside of England can become a real winter wonderland. Our valleys, forests and shorelines become glittering postcards of sublime wintry beauty and there’s nothing quite so fun as heading out for a stroll through the scenery.

To celebrate that seasonal magnificence, we’ve written up a list of some of the finest walks that south England has to offer when it comes to winter walking. Read on to discover your next winter trail to explore:

Boar Hill, Oxfordshire

The City of Dreaming Spires has always had a penchant for looking immaculate after even the lightest dusting of snow, and one of the best places to take in all of its glory is Boar Hill. An easy-going walk, the Boar Hill trail, also known as the Dreaming Spires Walk, will take you through gentle meadows and under copses of trees on your way up to a natural viewpoint that takes in the Oxford skyline, tucked into the countryside. 2.5 miles of trail await which makes it an easily managed choice, especially if you’re bringing the kids and dog along. 

The Best Winter Walks in South England, Boars Hill

Scotney Castle Estate, Kent

Famed for its beautiful formal gardens, spiralling around a splendid moated castle and country home, the Scotney Castle Estate lends a classic English elegance to winter. A walk through the estate will take you over undulating hills in the Kent countryside, with sweeping fields often covered in rolling mist and shimmering frost in winter. 780 acres await and the changing landscape provides a lot of ground to cover and explore; you’ll get a choice of trails to discover, each one offering a little something different to keep you on the move.

The Best Winter Walks in South England, Scotney Castle

Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire

There something very special about manors and sprawling stately home grounds in the winter time. A scattering of snow can turn grand old buildings into sets from period dramas that ooze romance and intrigue. Waddesdon is a classic example of this, and its extensive grounds hide lots of architectural and natural treasures to discover, all of which happen to come to life in the snow and frost. Formerly a residence of members of the iconic Rothschild family, Waddesdon has everything from spectacular interiors and striking sculptures through to a rambling stretch of parkland and even an aviary!

The Best Winter Walks in South England, Waddesdon

St Michael’s Brent Tor, Devon

Stood tall and stark against a tumultuous sky, if it’s dramatic vistas you’re after for your winter rambles, St Michael’s Brent Tor is the walk for you. Brent Tor is a mound which looks over the wild meadows of Dartmoor, crowned by a 13th century church called St Michael de Rupe. It can be a chilly walk up later on in the year, so be sure to wrap up warm, but the views really are sublime. The swirling fields that open up as you make your way to the church are something truly special, giving you a glorious panorama that seems to never end.

The Best Winter Walks in South England, St Michael's Brent Tor, Devon

The White Cliffs of Dover, Kent

With winter rolling by, perhaps the White Cliffs of Dover as a walking destination doesn’t immediately spring to mind, but it is well worth a go. The colder, crisper weather generally means fewer tourists to contend with and along with that added peace and quiet, you’ll get a dose of gentle tranquillity as the vast expanse of the English Channel opens up in front of you. The trail along the cliffs is not a difficult one, and there are tea rooms along the way for you to hunker down in if the cold weather gets a bit too much. Take care on the mud not to slip and give the cliff edge a little extra consideration.

The Best Winter Walks in South England, White Cliffs of Dover

Jubilee Walk, Oxfordshire

Looking for a wintry walk a bit closer to home comforts? The beautiful Jubilee Walk in Oxford is a fine choice for a seasonal ramble. The walk follows the Thames as it wends its way through the Oxfordshire landscapes on its way to the sea, and if you’re lucky enough to get snow, this two to three hour stroll can become something truly special. Kicking off at Folly Bridge and winding around to the south of Oxford, the Jubilee walk has a lot to offer walkers of all abilities who want to set off from the city and be back in time for mulled wine and mince pies.

The Best Winter Walks in South England, Jubilee Walk, Oxfordshire

Parkland Walk, London

For something a little bit different, the Parkland Walk is an excellent wintry choice at the heart of North London that tracks an old and disused rail track through from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace. Along the way you’ll encounter old urban curiosities that have been abandoned in time, shrouded in the mists and chill of winter – these points of interest give the Parkland Walk its own very distinct character that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. It’s about 4km in distance and makes for a great place to bring the dog along for a walk. 

The Best Winter Walks in South England, Parkland Walk, London

Winter transforms the south of England into a remarkable destination for walkers and hikers, covering fields, forests and valleys in frost and snow for sublime picture-perfect scenery.

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