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The Best Views in London

One of the most iconic cities in the world, London has no shortage of spectacular views across its glittering skyline and winding river. Certain elevated spots can give glorious panoramas of the UK capital, doing full justice to the exceptional and historic architecture on display on the streets below.

In celebration of these unforgettable vistas, we've collected together a list of some of the finest views London has to offer. Read on to discover the best viewpoints available in the city today:

Greenwich Park

Just over the river to the south, the Royal Borough of Greenwich is home to one of the most sumptuous views in the entire city. In the sloping green spaces of Greenwich Park, if you ascend to the top of the hill, stopping next to the Royal Observatory, you can turn back on yourself for a shimmering panorama of London's grand skyscrapers towering over the winding River Thames.

Canary Wharf's glorious monoliths shine to the centre, while below them sit the pristine whites of the Old Royal Naval College. To the left, the river itself curls around towards the rest of the city, fading fades just out of view on a hazy summer's day.

Greenwich Park | Berkeley Inspiration

Sushisamba Restaurant

Some distance off the ground, at the summit of the SalesForce Tower in the City of London, Sushisamba offers up a beguiling combination of Brazilian and Japanese food, as well as a plentifully stocked cocktail bar. Best of all, its outdoor terrace and distinctive glass roof provide a mouth-watering panorama across the city below.

There are few places in the capital that can give the sparkling lights of the London nighttime as Sushisamba can - a night out up here is something truly special as you tuck into marvellous and enigmatic cuisine while the sprawling streets below indulge in another night of revelry.

Sushisamba Restaurant | Berkeley Inspiration

Alexandra Palace Park

One of London's leading concert venues and events centres, Alexandra Palace is a classic institution - but just below Ally Pally is Alexandra Palace Park, whose sweeping green space stretches and rolls into an elevated position far above the city.

Unlike some of the other entries on this list, the Alexandra Palace Park view gives a more down-to-earth look at the terraces and labyrinthine streets of residential London.

For most people who visit, checking out the view can be combined with a visit to the palace itself. This 19th-century building is run by a charity and is widely regarded as the 'people's palace', set aside for the residents of London to enjoy.

Alexandra Palace Park | Berkeley Inspiration

Sky Garden, the Walkie Talkie

Nicknamed the Walkie Talkie, 20 Fenchurch Street is a striking skyscraper with a distinctive architectural shape that towers above the other buildings below. Most of the building is made up of commercial units and offices, but right at the top is the fantastic Sky Garden, a green hub of glorious botanical displays against a sophisticated glass façade.

Through the glass is the rest of the gleaming city, sprawled out below. The Sky Garden provides a panorama like no other, taking in other classic skyscrapers like the Gherkin and the Shard. Two restaurants and a number of bars mean that you can sit down, grab a tasty meal and a drink and soak in the vista from the comfort of restaurant seating.

Sky Garden | Berkeley Inspiration

Parliament Hill

Hampstead Heath is a beloved London park, attracting hundreds of visitors each day to its shaded wooded areas and its natural meadows. One of the focal points of Hampstead Heath is Parliament Hill which rises 98 metres above its surroundings, granting in turn, another fantastic view of London between the forested trees on each side.

The name Parliament Hill was given to this elevation because historically, visitors would have been able to see the famous towers of the Houses of Parliament, along with Big Ben itself. Sadly, construction work has made that more difficult these days, but visiting for the view is still well worth your time.

Parliament Hill | Berkeley Inspiration

The London Eye

Any blog or article talking about the great viewpoints of London would be very remiss to not mention the iconic London Eye, whose enviable position overlooking the Thames and the Houses of Parliament gives up a splendid vista of the city in all of its glory.

From the comfort of the glass pods, this enormous Ferris wheel style attraction has been enchanting and wowing guests for over two decades, with nearly 3 million visitors stopping by for a ride every single year. It also happens to be the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in Europe - so that's impressive too.

London Eye | Berkeley Inspiration

The London Cable Car

The Emirates Cable Car offers the public the chance to experience London from the air on a 10-minute cable car journey across the River Thames. Starting from the Greenwich Peninsula and gliding across the water to the Royal Docks, the brief trip gives riders a beautiful shot of several classic London landmarks.

The O2 Arena is particularly striking, shining with an ethereal white glow, as is the traditional architecture of the Royal Docks. Consider visiting at night-time for a snapshot of London's shimmering night sky and the sparkling lights below.

The views across London reveal a thriving, bubbling city where there's always something going on to enjoy and explore.

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