The Best Vegan Pancakes in London

For everyone out there who loves pancakes (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), it's time to get excited. Pancake Day is just around the corner, and across London, cafés and restaurants firing up the fryers to turn out a banquet's worth of pancakes of all shapes and sizes.

An appreciation of pancakes is not just limited to those who consume eggs and milk, however. With veganism taking more and more of a hold in the public consciousness, a cornucopia of vegan-friendly pancakes is being served up in vegan eateries all over the country.

In this blog, we're going to take a look at some of the best places to get delicious vegan pancakes this coming pancake day.


Our first stop on our vegan pancake trail is the excellent WAVE in Hackney. A choice spot for vegan's everywhere, WAVE stands for We Are Vegan Everything and true to their name, everything is vegan. That includes, of course, the pancakes; they've got two different offerings at the time of writing, a peach and walnut pancake and a sticky toffee pancake. Both are made with gluten-free flour, ideal for gluten intolerant vegans out there, and they're absolutely delicious. You can find them on Dispensary Lane, just a short underground ride away from our Woodberry Down properties.


This popular vegan hub does some fantastic animal product-free food, but their pancakes in particular are perfect for sating those pancake day cravings. Buckwheat flour makes up the main ingredient for the actual pancake, while a tasteful sprinkling of coconut yoghurt, maple syrup and fruit complete the dish. Almost everything is organic and free of nasty chemicals, but to enjoy the pancakes, you'll have to get there in time for the breakfast or brunch menu. You can find Farmacy in the trendy surroundings of Notting Hill, just a few tube stops away from our Kensington Row development.

By Chloe

Much of the big success of the vegan movement came with the availability of cheaper and equally tasty vegan alternatives to animal product-based food. We've got By Chloe to thank for at least a small part of that. This American vegan fast food chain recently opened four restaurants in London and the good news is that they do vegan pancakes. With the toppings changing regularly, and a dose of whipped maple butter on top, these are vegan pancakes which are not to be missed. The four branches are scattered across the city, with sites in Oxford Circus, Covent Garden, and in the 02 Stadium. There's also a Southwark venue just a short 15-minute walk from our One Blackfriars properties.

Wulf and Lamb

Among the elegant dining venues of Chelsea, the Wulf and Lamb is a charming little vegan restaurant whose regular customers adore it for its superb menu and minimalist interior. For pancake lovers, their plant-based, American-style pancakes are a delight, stacked in the traditional way and dripping in either maple syrup, vanilla cashew cream or mixed berries according to your taste buds. As with other pancakes on this list, you'll need to get there for brunch or breakfast to indulge in the Wulf and Lamb pancake goodness. This one is a fine choice for residents of our Prince of Wales Drive development, which is located just over the Thames from Chelsea.

Osu Coconuts

Finally, if you're on the lookout for pancakes on the go, look no further than Osu Coconuts. Cropping up in different locations in different parts of London across the week, Osu Coconuts is a market stall that serves up delectable coconut-based sweet and savoury pancakes, in tasty, fluffy stacks. You'll need to keep an eye on their Instagram page to see where they'll be next, but tracking them down is worth it for the substantial and unforgettable pancakes on offer.

Those are our picks for the best vegan pancakes across London for you to try out this pancake day. More and more vegan eateries are cropping up across the capitals, making it a tempting place to live for vegans from all walks of life. If you're interested in making the London move or moving to a new property in the capital, discover our comprehensive range of listings here.