Royal Wells Park, Dr Laurence Maiden Case Study

Dr Laurence Maiden, a consultant gastroenterologist, owns a three-bedroom apartment at Royal Wells Park, a prestigious new development in the heart of Tunbridge Wells.

Originally from Dorset, Dr Maiden has spent the last 16 years living in London. Since 2007, he has been based in Tunbridge Wells for work, and had been splitting his time between nearby Sevenoaks during the week and London at the weekend.

Dr Maiden was looking for a home which best fitted his work at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital, as well as somewhere with excellent amenities, restaurants and a vibrant cultural scene. The position of Royal Wells Park just off Mount Ephraim and a short walk from the town centre, as well as its proximity to the hospital, proved ideal.
"The top criteria in my property search was location: I needed somewhere close to my work at Tunbridge Wells Hospital. Having spent the last 16 years predominantly living in London, I knew it needed to be something special to tempt me away from the capital."

Royal Wells Park is located on the site for the former Kent & Sussex Hospital, where Dr Maiden worked until the hospital relocated in 2011. The transformation of the site and this longstanding personal connection provided an added draw for the scheme.

"The site's former life as Kent & Sussex Hospital - somewhere I used to work - was an additional attraction for Royal Wells Park. I love what Berkeley Homes are doing to redevelop the site, especially given its medical heritage. It's somewhere that holds many memories. Now, when I walk through the site I can identify where the different areas of the hospital used to be. My own apartment is close to the old A&E department."

A growing number of buyers are also placing increasing importance on the people behind the home, not just the development itself. Dr Maiden was familiar with the company's high standards of quality and design.

"The first time I visited Royal Wells Park, I found the plans for the site and how the finished scheme would look to be very impressive. I already knew and trusted the Berkeley Homes brand and reputation, so knew the level of quality and style I'd be getting. Although I prefer new builds to period properties, I wouldn't have the confidence to buy one off-plan if it wasn't Berkeley Homes.

"The clean lines and freshness of the properties really appealed, as did the peace of mind and security of a new build, and having a choice in finishes and style is also a plus. I wanted somewhere low maintenance, but also a place to entertain: my apartment features a 50 ft. corridor through from the entrance to the living and dining area, as well as a balcony and patio, so ticks all the boxes for me. 

"When I started my property search, Royal Wells Park was on my radar from quite early on. Being a Berkeley Homes development, combined with its history as a hospital, really piqued my interest and ultimately won out against the other properties I visited.

"Although I previously spent far more time in London, I'm now based in Tunbridge Wells almost full-time as I love the property so much. On top of the far easier commute, having the town centre on my doorstep means I still feel in the middle of everything."