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Three of the Best Luxury Pancakes in London

Pancake Day is here, and with it comes an excellent excuse to indulge in these fluffy delights. If your pancake flipping skills aren't quite up to scratch, or you're in the mood for something particularly exquisite, then you're in for a treat. We've picked three of our favourite pancake-serving establishments for you to visit, two of which may even have a dedicated menu this Shrove Tuesday. Read on and be inspired.

Boisdale, Mayfair

Boisdale of Mayfair is a restaurant for those that demand something unique. Forget your typical metropolitan restaurant bar - Boisdale offers an eclectic mix of fine food, wines, whiskey, cigars and jazz. All with a bit of Scottish flair. You can choose from all manner of loch-caught seafood, along with highland game, and of course, haggis. It's a wonderful experience at any time of the year, but Pancake Day is an especially interesting time to book a table, as Boisdale generally puts on a dedicated pancake menu over the weekend preceding. In tune with the rest of the restaurant's traditional-yet-quirky style, the pancake menu is not limited to your typical Shrove Tuesday desserts. Last year's options included everything from steak to smoked salmon, and marmalade ham to avocado. Keep an eye out for the menu, and do make sure that you book to avoid disappointment. Boisdale is located on the North East corner of Hyde Park, approximately 1 mile from our luxury West End Gate development, and you can book online.

Christopher's, Covent Garden

Christopher's in Covent Garden is a truly beautiful restaurant inside, which belies its status as an all-American restaurant specialising in brunch. Regularly voted one of the best places in London to enjoy a mid-morning meal, there's a sublime range on offer. From truly substantial fayre such as the classic steak and eggs, to superfoods and smoothies, there's something for everyone at Christopher's. And of course, an establishment this dedicated to the art of the morning meal has plenty of pancakes to choose from all year round, from the sweet to the savoury. In 2017, the grill put on a special Pancake Day menu, which allowed guests to build their very own stack, featuring all manner of indulgent toppings. Let's hope they do the same again in 2018. Our 190 Strand development is just a short distance away from Covent Garden, and bookings for Christopher's can be made online.

The Delaunay, Holborn

The Delaunay is a very special restaurant located in Holborn, drawing inspiration from the Grand Cafes of Austria and the rest of 'Mittel-Europe'. Featuring authentic Viennese interior design, along with all of the traditional selection of pastries and cakes, any special occasion would warrant a visit. The all-day a-la-carte menu offers a wide range of Austrian dishes, but it's the breakfast menu that we'd like to draw attention to here. There's plenty of choice, but the hot pancakes are some of the most amazing in London. Soft, fluffy and delicious, they're available all-year round - not just on Pancake Day, at breakfast and again on the weekend brunch menu. You can choose from several sweet toppings, or the classic bacon and maple syrup. The Delaunay is located in Holborn just metres from our 190 Strand development, and bookings can be made online.