Greener Living in Oxfordshire: Exploring the New Homes at Highcroft

If you’re looking for a home that allows you to live more sustainably while still meeting the needs of modern-day living, Highcroft might be the perfect location for your new home. 

Nestled near the historic market town of Wallingford in Oxfordshire, Highcroft offers a brand-new collection of apartments, houses, and bungalows surrounded by acres of open green space, nature trails, allotments and plenty of opportunities to connect with nature. 

Whether you’re a family, a young professional, or a retiree looking to live greener, Highcroft provides the ideal environment to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Let’s take a closer look at this unique development.

Connecting With Nature

Finding time to connect with nature can be difficult in our busy day-to-day lives. Fortunately for those living at Highcroft, the opportunity to enjoy all that nature offers, is quite literally, on their doorstep. Wallingford is located between the Chilterns and North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, meaning you’re never far away from roaming, hiking, or simply admiring the beautiful British countryside.

To enhance these stunning natural surroundings, Highcroft sits within 18 acres of open land and has 30% dedicated to green, biodiverse space to support and preserve habitats for local wildlife. The design of the development means that no matter where your home is situated, you’re guaranteed to be just moments away from traffic-free footpaths and greenery.

Throughout the development, you’ll discover open spaces that provide tranquil walking routes that feature an extensive array of shrubs, grasses, flower beds, and more than a thousand newly planted trees, helping cultivate cleaner, greener air for residents. One of the main benefits of living at Highcroft is that you don’t have to drive anywhere to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of being around nature – native woodland, vast parkland, and tranquil open waters are all just a short stroll away.

Image of bumblebee pollenating flowers

Growing Your Own Produce

Being able to grow your own produce in today’s modern world can be challenging when time and space are limited. At Highcroft, homeowners don’t have to choose between sustainability and convenience, thanks to the brand-new allotments onsite.

All the allotments are wheelchair accessible and are suitable for any age, so toddlers and retirees can all work together to reap the benefits of growing their own fruit and vegetables. Getting kids involved in growing fruit, veg, and herbs from a young age can also help teach them important lessons about what conditions are needed for successful growing, as well as the seasonality of different produce.

They’ll also get the rewarding experience of realising how tasty fruit and veg can be when you’ve grown them yourself! Shared allotment space also provides the perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbours and help each other out on your produce-growing journey. All the allotments at Highcroft will be run by Wallingford Town Council.

Image of crops being grown in own garden

Taking Care of Wildlife

At Highcroft, homeowners are supported to proactively protect their beautiful natural surroundings, as the local wildlife relies on them to survive. You’ll find many initiatives throughout the development designed to help local wildlife thrive. For example, to help with the declining numbers of native birds, multiple birdhouses have been built to encourage species, such as swifts and sparrows, to visit.

With hedgehogs now classified as vulnerable to extinction, a mindful approach has been taken with the landscaping of the development with hedgehog houses being created. You’ll also find ponds, log piles, several boxes, wetland meadows and grassland throughout the development, designed to provide the perfect habitat for a range of bats, insects, and mammals. Taking care of wildlife and our natural surroundings helps to protect ourselves and our planet - creating spaces where we can all thrive together.

Image of hedgehog

Energy-Efficient Features

All apartments, houses and bungalows at Highcroft have been designed to use less energy than a standard home. You’ll find water and energy-saving features, such as dual flush WCs and rainwater harvesting with the installation of water butts within every house. We also use full fill cavity insulation for higher thermal performance and energy-efficient appliances in every home to help lower emissions and reduce household running costs.

All the timber used in the construction of these homes has also come from sustainable sources and to help homeowners choose more sustainable transport options, there is plenty of cycle storage throughout the development and all households will possess an electric vehicle charging connection point - homes built in Phases 4-6 will receive a physical charger for those who own electric vehicles.

These energy-saving features are designed to help residents live more sustainably in a way that does not compromise the comfort and convenience of daily life.

Interior image of kitchen with bright light shining through kitchen windows

New Homes Available Now at Highcroft

Heronsbrook Place has recently launched at Highcroft, offering a brand-new collection of apartments, houses, and bungalows. Each home features modern appliances, exquisite design, open-plan layouts, and spacious rooms drenched in natural light.

With plenty of green space on your doorstep and an abundance of ways to connect with nature, living at Highcroft offers you the perfect opportunity to enhance your wellbeing - and the wellbeing of our planet.

Exterior image of street scene at Highcroft

If you’re interested in learning more about Highcroft, take a look at our developments page for the latest information.