Five Reasons to Live in Kent

When picking a place to live in the UK, there are plenty of exciting, interesting locations you could pick. From rural locales which give you easy access to the best of the British countryside, to vibrant cities stacked full of hidden delights to discover, you can find somewhere which perfectly encapsulates everything you want on your doorstep.

Down in the south-east of England, Kent presents a range of features which have seen it get repeatedly recognised as one of the best places to live in the UK:

  • Stunning southern scenery
  • Towns and villages to suit every taste (and a city)
  • Jobs from practically every industry
  • Easy links into London and beyond
  • Fascinating historical charm

For a better idea of whether those gel with what you want out of your new home, let's get a closer look at why you should live in Kent.

Stunning southern scenery

It'll come as no surprise that one of the defining aspects of Kent is the bountiful beauty of its natural landscape. This is a county that has equal parts gorgeous green rolling hills, captivating coastal vistas, and breathtaking beachside sights - all of which would be yours to enjoy as a new resident of Kent.

5 Reasons to live in Kent | Nature

These four major highlights from here in Kent are just some of the impressive sights on offer within the county, exemplifying the natural beauty you can get up close and personal when living here:

  • Kent Downs, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which stretches from the London/Surrey border all the way down to Dover
  • Greatstone Beach provides two miles of sandy shoreline for paddling and sandcastles that's enjoyed enduring popularity for decades with holidaymakers and locals.
  • The iconic White Cliffs of Dover that cover 8 miles of Kentish coastline and rise up for 350 feet to create an imposing landmark.
  • Dungeness Beach, sometimes referred to as Dungeness Desert, is one of the more ethereal, unique landscape within England that feels completely alien in terms of British beaches.

You're also likely to enjoy slightly sunnier springs and summers than more northern postcodes, with the south traditionally having warmer climes for most of the year. For those who're particularly sensitive to the cold but want more enjoyment from the great outdoors, moving to Kent could be perfect solution.

Towns and villages to suit every taste (and a city)

Just as there's an abundance of gorgeous scenery to discover around the county, there are also plenty of different places to live in Kent which will cater to all sorts of lifestyles you may have. Whether you're more about the hustle and bustle of life or would prefer something a bit quieter and quaint, Kent has something to offer you.

On the city front, you have Canterbury as Kent's official cathedral city which provides the sort of energetic, vibrant atmosphere you'd expect from a thriving British market town-turned-city in the south. Although not technically a city, you also have the Kent District of Medway which suits those looking for a similar metropolitan lifestyle.

5 Reasons to live in Kent | Local Area

In terms of towns and villages, this is where Kent truly excels for choice. From historic spa towns like Royal Tunbridge Wells, to Dartford and Maidstone as attractive commuter towns, all the way to Folkestone and Margate for those looking for life on the coast, there are towns in Kent to complement almost anything you could want from a place to live. There are plenty of picturesque villages dotted in between the larger towns too, like Eynsford and Hawkhurst, for those who'd prefer a secluded locale to call home.

This is where we come in, as you can find lots of luxury homes in Kent as part of Berkeley Group developments, offering incredible family homes in Royal Tunbridge Wells and attractive apartments in Medway that could be exactly what you're looking for from a new home.

Jobs from practically every industry

Not only is Kent seen as one of the best counties to live in but it's also one of the top places to work in the UK. Although London presents some great opportunities for those willing to commute from Kent, the county itself finds more and more businesses relocating into Kent in order to appeal to those talented folks who'd rather work a bit closer to home.

You'll find a wide array of 7,000 different creative, digital and tech businesses with homes in Kent, creating a vibrant job landscape within the South-East that has enticed many away from the bigger commercial hubs and down into relocating to Kent. They can also take advantage of the new talent emerging from some of the UK's top universities, including the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), which will only add to the gravitational pull of businesses in Kent.

There are also creative initiatives which aim to further strengthen the position that Kent is in, such as the Thames Estuary Production Corridor and the Creative Estuary which will enhance the creative and digital landscape through new programmes and funding opportunities.

If you're looking at Kent as a potential place for you new home, maybe take a look at job opportunities in Kent and see what new avenues could open up to you if you do decide to relocate.

Easy links into London and beyond

Kent suits both commuters into London and those looking to escape to somewhere a little less intense without losing access to all the amazing things the capital has to offer.

5 Reasons to live in Kent | Transport

All of the road and rail links within Kent, as well as the ports and airports, make it arguably the most connected county in the country. You can hop on a train running via the HS1 route and be in central London in under 20 minutes - perfect if you fancy a Saturday exploring Oxford and all its shopping options.

Businesses in Kent can capitalise on the fact that they can easily reach London when necessary, as well has having:

  • The Eurostar stopping at Ebbsfleet and Ashford if you fancy a weekend getaway.
  • The Eurotunnel at Folkestone to reach France in seamless fashion.
  • Five ports close at hand for freight or ferries over to European destinations.

There are also government consultations currently happening around further bolstering Kent's already stellar road network, including the M2, M20 and M25, by adding additional branches to improve the flow of traffic travelling between London and Kent.

So, if you're looking at moving to Kent, you don't need to worry - you'll still be able to easily visit other places at a moment's notice, whether that's for business or pleasure.

Fascinating historical charm

While you'll find castles and cathedrals up and down the country, Kent has a particularly high concentration of beautiful historic buildings to discover as you get to know the area. Having so many interesting attractions nearby not only gives you historical artifacts to engage with, but it also gives the area a distinct character and aesthetic that can make a simple stroll extremely rewarding.

5 Reasons to live in Kent | Historical Sites

Here are just a handful of the historical landmarks in Kent which are dotted around, waiting for you to discover them:

  • Canterbury Cathedral with its eye-catching stained glass windows and gorgeous views out over the city
  • Dreamland, the vintage amusement park in Margate that's over a century old and home to the oldest wooden rollercoaster in the UK
  • Rochester Cathedral complete with its verdant gardens and the ruins of the old monastery
  • Leeds Castle, affectionately referred to as 'the loveliest castle in the world' on a regular basis
  • Shepard Neame Brewery in Faversham, which has been crafting some of the UK's best loved pints for over 3 centuries

Dover Castle, England's primary fortification in the 11th century for repelling invaders (as well as being home to the secret wartime tunnels, military headquarters and underground hospital during WW2)

Each of these attractions adds a thread to the historical fabric of Kent, stretching back across the breadth of British history for visitor and resident alike to follow. While some might warrant a single visit, you might find that one or two become a favourite of yours which you can visit as many times as you like when living in Kent.

These five aspects come together to make Kent an exceptional place to live in the UK, but there's even more to discover once you've made the move and get to know the county as a new local. Sold on Kent? Why not take a look at our property developments in Kent and see whether you can spot your ideal new home.