Enfield Council Ban Meat from Dec 2020 Header

Enfield Council to Ban Meat at Events From December to Combat Climate Change

As part of its plan to tackle climate change in the coming decades, Enfield Council has recently announced that it will be no longer offering meat options at their events after December 2020.

In what is one of the first steps towards a more environmentally conscious London, Enfield Council has made the decision to provide only vegan or vegetarian substitutes for their catering requirements. The move to a meat-free menu forms part of the council's collective goal to become carbon-neutral by 2030.

Reducing meat consumption is thought to be a key factor in the global effort to reduce the effects of climate change. Nearly 14.5% of all human greenhouse gases are made up in the meat and dairy industries - reducing meat and dairy intakes is key to bringing that figure down.

The move has garnered praise from the Vegan Society who told the Evening Standard that

 "for councils that have declared a Climate Emergency, this would be a simple policy to enact which would have a positive impact - We hope other councils and public sector organisations will be inspired to follow Enfield Council's lead."

Making council event menus meat or dairy-free has received criticism from UK farming institutions however. An article on the website of pro-farming institution the Countryside Alliance stated that: 'a ban would completely ignore the ambitious efforts being put in by UK farmers to achieve net zero emissions by 2040. The council are failing their residents by not explaining the benefits of sourcing local grass reared meat with high welfare standards and a low carbon footprint.'

It remains to be seen whether other councils will follow the same path that Enfield Council has started on, however it is thought to be a positive move towards a greener future for the borough and the wider country.

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