Birmingham or London - Which City is Best for You?

With so many places in the country where you can settle down, there's always a number of lifestyle factors which will go into making that decision. Two of the top choices in the UK are the nation's capital of London and Britain's bustling 'second city' of Birmingham, each offering its residents a range of things which enhance their lifestyles.

While this could be seen as a simple choice based on geographical location, we've looked into some of the more nuanced areas of life which could see London or Birmingham become your ideal city to live in.

Living in London

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Job prospects in London

As the nation's capital, London has several different distinct districts known to be the country's business hub for that industry, especially creative, finance and tech-based roles. The number of businesses offering their own ethos, perks and office means you'll likely find one that gels with you. Not only that, but simply the size of London means that there's always a wealth of job opportunities on offer which could make finding your dream job that little bit easier.

Exploring the city of London

The shear scale of the capital also means there are lots of different boroughs to explore, each with its own appealing characteristics and offerings of restaurants, bars and shops to discover. From Hackney's hidden gems to the glitz of the West End, you'll have an almost endless list of places to uncover which might become your new favourite haunt to find which you can . While living in central London isn't essential for exploring, it can make getting around a lot easier.

Culture and arts in London

As mentioned previously, the glitz and glamour of the West End is just one of the cultural hotspots you'll find in London - but it's certainly one of the most iconic. Theatre productions can be found in abundance in the capital, covering everything from amateur productions to star-studded casts putting on classic shows. You'll also find art galleries housing renowned art pieces and a regular flow of high profile concert and gigs at the many venues in the city.

Green spaces in London

There are plenty of green spaces like Hyde Park, The Regent's Park and St. James's Park dotted around the centre of London, so you can still get your fill of the outdoors while being in the middle of the city. This is especially useful for those summertime picnics to make the most of the slightly warmer temperatures in the south, as well as being a great location for running and cycling for some exercise surrounded by luscious greenery.

Visiting the coast

Getting over to other major cities is usually simple and direct, with fantastic rail routes up to the north as well as nearby cities such as Reading and Watford. London's position in the south means you can also easily visit coastal hotspots like Brighton or charming towns like Winchester and Windsor at a moment's notice.

Living in Birmingham

London vs Birmingham | Berkeley Inspiration

Job opportunities in Birmingham

As the main hub for businesses in the West Midlands, you'll find ample job opportunities here across almost every sector, with HSBC relocating their head office here back in 2015 and PwC ranking Birmingham among the top cities in Europe to invest in. There are also the cities of Wolverhampton, Coventry and Leicester within commuting distance so you can take advantage of jobs in neighbouring cities if you fancy branching out.

Exploring the city of Birmingham

Birmingham has an excellent tram system which makes exploring this interesting sprawling city surprisingly straightforward and easy, with stops placed strategically around the city so you can get to residential areas and key places in Birmingham. There's also the typical bus and rail routes which make travelling around Birmingham simple whilst also giving you convenient access to the NEC and Birmingham Airport.

Culture and arts in Birmingham

As one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, with plenty of culture and history owed to its time as a manufacturing powerhouse, Birmingham has a lot to offer anyone who decided to call it home. Theatres like The Alexandra and Birmingham Repertory Theatre host touring theatre companies performing popular shows, and music artists and bands typically include Birmingham on their lists of top UK cities to perform in, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to engage with live music too.

Green spaces in Birmingham

You'll find plenty of smaller green spots around Birmingham in the more residential areas of the city, but popping up to the north side gives you access to an array of golf courses and parks such as Perry Park and Handsworth Golf Course. To the south side of the city, you'll find Birmingham Botanical Gardens next to Cannon Hill Park and Calthorpe Park if you find yourself leaning toward properties in this area instead.

Visiting the West Midlands

Living in Birmingham gives you the opportunity to discover the historic market towns and sights dotted around the West Midlands which make for great days out. Stratford-upon-Avon and Worchester are just some of the highlights which make for fantastic family trips to fascinating locations with stories to tell and plenty to keep everyone happy. There are also three separate Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty just a short distance away - Shropshire Hills, Malvern Hills and the Cotswolds - for those who fancy getting a little closer to nature.

Which city is best for you will depend on what your priorities are, as everyone's situation is unique and you'll probably find that some factors are more important that others. One that that both London and Birmingham have in common are the presence of fantastic Berkeley property developments, giving you fantastic value for money when investing in a property of your own.
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