Advantages of Buying a New Build Home in London

Whether you’re looking for a new home in London as a first-time buyer or for your growing family, choosing a new build home could offer you the hassle-free move you’re looking for. 

If you’re currently weighing up whether a new build is right for you, we’ve listed the incredible benefits they can offer. 

Better Energy Efficiency

Berkeley Inspiration - Advantages of Buying a New Build Home in London - Better Energy Efficiency

Newer homes adhere to the most current building standards and regulations, meaning they usually have greater energy-saving features, such as air-tight double-glazed windows and better levels of thermal insulation.

All new homes built by Berkeley Group are designed to have a low environmental impact, with many developments featuring energy-efficient appliances, water-saving taps, solar roofs, and electric car charging ports. 

No Onward Chain

If you buy existing property in London, there is a risk you’ll end up in a lengthy onward chain. You’re often dependent on the seller buying a property before you can exchange contracts and move in. In some cases, the chain may even break down, leaving you back at square one with your property search. 

New build homes can offer you a more straightforward way to buy a house. As it's brand new and has no existing owner, once the property is ready and you’ve agreed on the purchase, you can move straight in.

Warranty for Peace of Mind

When you buy an older property, there’s a possibility you’ll have to pay out for unexpected repairs and costly restoration work. However, with new build homes, they’re built to the highest standards of quality and are usually covered by a warranty should any repairs be needed. 

At Berkeley Group, all new homes come with a 10-year build warranty as standard, with the first two years directly covered by Berkeley Group. And if your property comes with new appliances, they should have individual warranties for additional peace of mind. 

A Sense of Community 

Berkeley Inspiration - Advantages of Buying a New Build Home in London - A Sense of Community

London is an exciting, bustling hive of activity, but with such a large population, it can be challenging to make new friends when moving into a new area. New builds in London, however, allow you the opportunity to connect with your neighbours.

Berkeley Group developments include spaces where people can come together to relax, socialise, and stay active. That’s why you’ll find plenty of green outdoor spaces across our developments, alongside state-of-the-art leisure facilities, such as pools, gyms, communal lounges, and an array of bars and restaurants.

Guaranteed Superb Location

When searching for a home, you’ll usually conduct extensive research on the areas you’re considering, making sure they have the amenities you require. With new build homes, this research has already been done, so you can move forward with the confidence you’ll be living in a great area with fantastic local facilities and convenient transport links.

At Berkeley Group we often make use of brownfield sites for our developments - places that are disused but full of potential and so often in fantastic locations. We use our design expertise to create new neighbourhoods where communities can flourish, transforming the area into something special and unique. 

Modern Design

Berkeley Inspiration - Advantages of Buying a New Build Home in London - Modern Design

With older houses, it can be hard to find the space and layout you need, and you might need to pay for costly renovations to bring the home to a standard that suits you.

Instead, new builds are designed with modern living in mind. Smart technology, open-plan layouts and high-quality interior design, meaning you’ll have a home that perfectly complements your style and way of living as soon as you move in. 

A Hassle-Free Move

One of the main benefits of moving into a new property is that you can unpack and move straight in the same day you get your keys. As your house is brand new, you don't have to spend time redecorating or renovating - you can move in and start enjoying your life there from day one.

If you’re looking to get onto the property ladder in London and want to enjoy the benefits that newly built homes can offer, take a look at the latest homes available here