Ultimate responsibility for all matters relating to health and safety within The Berkeley Group Holdings plc rests with its main Board of Directors, who have appointed a Group Board Director responsible for reporting on Health and Safety matters.

Additionally a Group Health & Safety Executive has been appointed to co-ordinate and promote the implementation of, and review compliance with, this policy.

The Group Health & Safety Executive will report directly to and advise the Board on all Berkeley Group Holdings Health and Safety matters, and will assist in projecting the image of the Group in the fields of Health & Safety with outside policy making and enforcement bodies.

Each Divisional Managing Director has responsibility for Health and Safety within that Division or Operating Company and must establish a strategy to implement the Group policy within their division.

The Main plc Board

Ultimate responsibility for all matters relating to Health & Safety rests with the Main Board of The Berkeley Group Holdings plc. Updates are provided to the Board about the implementation of our strategy at every meeting by the Director Responsible for Reporting on Health & Safety and there are opportunities for discussion and debate.

Health & Safety Working Group (H&SWG)

The Health & Safety Working Group meetings are held four times a year and comprise directors and senior managers from across the company. The H&SWG is used as a forum to disseminate the Group's approach to Health & Safety into the operating businesses.

Health and Safety Governance Committee (H&SGC)

The Health & Safety Governance Committee is a board level committee charged with setting the Health & Safety strategy and ensuring that it is aligned with business objectives. It provides strategic leadership in the development of the Health & Safety strategy.

Health and Safety Forum

The Health & Safety Forum takes responsibility for implementation of the Group's Health & Safety strategy and reports back to the H&SWG on progress. The Forum is largely responsible for developing at operational level the Group s Health & Safety infrastructure in order that our objectives can be met.

Health and Safety Governance

Name Purpose  Frequency 
 Health & Safety Governance Committee (H&SGC)  Identify and agree corporate Health & Safety Policy, Strategy & Objectives  6 monthly
 Health & Safety Working Group (HSWG)  Overseeing and ensuring implementation of the Health & Safety strategy, policy and objectives of the Group (inc Targets & KPI's)  Every 3 months
 Health & Safety Forum   Identify, develop, implement and measure Health & Safety initiatives, Codes, Protocols, etc in support of Group Policy, Strategy and Objectives  Monthly or as required by output of H&SWG