Royal Wells Park, Tunbridge Wells

Royal Wells Park is a fantastic new place to live and learn in the heart of the town centre of Tunbridge Wells. The development is bringing much needed housing, primary school places and office space to the town. But that's just part of the story.

"This is already a remarkably friendly, well-organised and proactive community," said Cllr David Jukes, the leader of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. "Building a community was a priority for us as a council from the earliest stages of design.

The masterplan created attractive, welcoming public space and as soon as the first residents moved in, Berkeley worked with them to produce a Community Development Plan. This is now led by a burgeoning Residents' Association who work well together and make life better for everyone."

Key Facts

  • 11 acres
  • 243 homes, including those for senior living and for shared ownership
  • Tree-lined streets and new walking route between neighbouring communities
  • A public play area with a soft grass surface to support biodiversity
  • 4-storey office building, purpose-built to keep 400 jobs in the town
  • The Wells Free School 
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