Royal Arsenal Riverside, Woolwich

This is a community seeped in military, royal and industrial history. It has been an integral part of London's development from Roman and Tudor times.

At the turn of the twentieth century, the Royal Arsenal buzzed with heavy industry. Thousands of workers made the guns that armed Allied forces on the Western Front. Today, it has been transformed again. Twenty years of painstaking renovation and sustained investment has created a beautiful Thames-side neighbourhood.

Already it has a very strong sense of identity and community. The RARE brand (Royal Arsenal Riverside Explore) is used and owned by dozens of local operators to promote the Farmers' Markets, Woolwich Carnival, a Free Film Festival, the Swing Dance Festival, a Contemporary Print Fair and Christmas Fêtes.

The residents at Royal Arsenal report high levels of happiness, belonging, and trust in their neighbours. They feel that where they live makes a positive contribution to their sense of identity and intend to live in the neighbourhood for a number of years.

Key Facts

  • 88 acres
  • 5,106 mixed tenure homes including discount market sale
  • Dial Arch Square, Wellington Park, the four acre Maribor Park and a new stretch of Thames riverside 
  • A Heritage Centre, the Academy of Performing Arts, pubs, cafes, a brewery, restaurants, health facilities, offices, shops and a crèche
  • £48.3million contribution to services and infrastructure
  • A new Crossrail station and a river bus pier 
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