Clarendon Road, Haringey

This is one of the first places to be created by St William, a joint venture between National Grid and the Berkeley Group. Their approach is based on a simple philosophy: first life, then spaces, then buildings. In other words, start with people and how they live, next work on the spaces and places that support this, and only then sort out the buildings.

This way of thinking infused the masterplan developed in collaboration with local residents, businesses, Haringey Council and the Greater London Authority. A shared vision has emerged which celebrates the site's heritage and uses a network of parks, gardens and allotments to stitch Clarendon Road back into the Wood Green community.

A beautiful public landscape will host a broad range of social activities and events. Many open spaces are designed to be adaptable and cater for different uses and interests. The local community will be encouraged to manage these communal areas, so that they can change in response to local needs. During construction we will open up meanwhile spaces to incubate local creative enterprises and makers, along with a street food market and micro brewery. The vision is to introduce these small businesses into the completed development.

Key Facts

  • 11.9 acre brownfield site 
  • 1,714 mixed tenure homes 
  • £33.9million contribution to services and infrastructure
  • A minimum of 10,000 sq m of commercial space creating over 600 new jobs 
  • 20 new gardens and community spaces
Case Studies - Clarendon