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Develop highly skilled teams that work together in a safe, healthy and supportive environment and contribute to wider society.

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Our approach

A devolved business structure is at the heart of our strategy, and our recognised brands and autonomous operational teams carefully manage each individual business and scheme to ensure that the entrepreneurial spirit continues. Recruiting and retaining a high calibre workforce is crucial to our approach. We must support both our direct employees and the wider workforce of the contractors working on our sites.

We are proud to be safe; safety continues to be a key focus area across all of our operations, in addition to enhancing health and wellbeing. We also aim to have a positive impact on society and enable young people to get into work through our support of the Berkeley Foundation.

Every two years we launch new commitments identifying our next set of priority actions. The next chapter of Our Vision launched on 1 May 2018 and includes two new ambitious commitments to enhance our approach to developing highly skilled teams that work together in a safe, healthy and supportive environment and contribute to wider society.

Details of our new commitments, and further information on our existing commitments under the Our People focus area, can be found below.

2018-2020 commitments

On 1 May 2018 we launched two new ambitious commitments to deliver by April 2020.

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Engage with young people, education providers and employers to transform perceptions of careers in the built environment.

The UK construction industry is facing a huge skills shortage as more people are leaving the industry than joining it; this forms a genuine threat to future levels of production. A study showed that young people and their advisors would rate the industry only 4/10 as one that they would want to be part of.

Through this commitment we seek to encourage young, talented people into the industry by showing the breadth of viable, attractive career opportunities that exist. To help achieve this, we will undertake a range of activities including ensuring that existing material for the industry includes clear pathways for progression and by developing a programme for school and further education engagement. We will encourage our employees, across all roles and levels, to act as role models and mentors for the industry.

Our People, Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion 

Implement a programme to create an inclusive environment where employees can reach their full potential, irrespective of their identity or background.

The construction industry is known for its lack of diversity and, as well as a broader range of people helping the skills crisis, it could also benefit more broadly from diverse views, skills and perspectives which can lead to creative thinking and more effective problem solving.

Through this commitment we seek to attract and retain a diverse workforce. To help us achieve this, we will develop a Group-wide approach which sets out guiding principles for diversity and inclusion, to be applied by each of our autonomous companies. This will be supplemented by a range of additional activities, which could include a wider review of our policies, processes and procedures to ensure we create an inclusive environment.

2016-2018 commitments

Since 1 May 2016 we have been focusing on commitments on healthy workplaces and talent management.

People, Healthy Workplaces

Healthy workplaces

Launch and implement a new programme to promote the wellbeing of our staff and create healthy workplaces.

A person's wellbeing can be influenced by their surroundings. Through our commitment to providing healthy workplaces we seek to improve the quality of life of our employees and improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

A checklist has been developed based on recognised frameworks such as the Mayor of London's Healthy Workplace Charter and the WELL Building Standard. We have also utilised our links with Bupa to set out a framework approach to individual health which can be adopted by our operating companies.

Health and wellbeing programmes are in operation across our divisions. Initiatives to date are varied and include health assessments, exercise classes, encouragement of healthy eating and sessions on managing stress and personal finances.

People, Talent Management

Talent management

Invest in training and development through our talent management programmes to realise the potential of our people across all areas of the business.

Our talented workforce is our strongest resource; it is vital that we provide the right opportunities within the business to enable people to grow and flourish.

As a minimum, individuals have a thorough induction into the company and then have a training assessment and personal development review available to them. This is then supplemented, where appropriate, by more detailed programmes. Our autonomous companies have developed approaches tailored to suit their businesses and staff.

We will continue to embed these initiatives further, ensuring that each employee across all parts of the business has access to a programme to aid their development.

Further information

To find out more about our existing commitments and our achievements in each, please see the Our Vision Performance Update 2017 and the Our People Performance Report 2014-2016. Details of our 2018 performance will be included in the Berkeley Group's 2018 Annual Report.

These documents can be found in the Performance section of the website.

Reports and Case Studies

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