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Develop a highly skilled workforce who run autonomous businesses, operate in a safe and supportive working environment and contribute to wider society.

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Why focus on our people?

Our people are key to the development process, from the identification and purchase of land through to the sale of our homes and ongoing customer service.

To run any business successfully it is vital to ensure that the workforce is highly skilled and motivated. We understand the importance of supporting all our employees to allow them to work in a safe environment and to continue to advance their knowledge and skills. Developing and retaining our workforce enables us to deliver our objectives and grow as a business.

Our approach

A devolved business structure is at the heart of our strategy. Our recognised brands and autonomous operational teams carefully manage each individual business and scheme to ensure that the entrepreneurial spirit continues. Recruiting and retaining a high calibre workforce is crucial to our approach. We must support both our direct employees and the wider workforce of the contractors working on our sites.

We are proud to be safe; safety continues to be a key focus area across all of our operations, in addition to enhancing health and wellbeing. We also aim to have a positive impact on society and enable young people to get into work through our support of the Berkeley Foundation.

How we attract and develop a highly skilled workforce is outlined below. Each aspect, and our achievements in each, are discussed in more detail in the Our People Performance Report 2014-2016.

Our People Approach

What's next?

In May 2016 we launched two new ambitious commitments to achieve by April 2018 to improve and develop our approach to Our People:

People, Healthy Workplaces

Healthy workplaces

Launch and implement a new programme to promote the wellbeing of our staff and create healthy workplaces.

Individuals spend a notable amount of time in their workplace. Employers therefore have the potential to significantly influence the health and wellbeing of their staff.

We want to provide workplace environments that encourage and enable our people to lead healthy lifestyles and make choices that support their wellbeing. We are therefore implementing a programme that promotes the wellbeing of our staff and creates healthy workplaces.

People, Talent Management

Talent management

Invest in training and development through our talent management programmes to realise the potential of our people across all areas of the business.

The talented and varied workforce in Berkeley is our strongest resource and we recognise that people are fundamental to the success of the business. Continuing to attract, develop and retain this talent is imperative so it is vital that we provide the right opportunities within the business to enable people to grow and flourish.

We are building on our work to date and are investing in training and development through our talent management programmes to realise the potential of our people across all areas of the business.

To find out more about our new commitments for 2016-2018, please see Our People Performance Report 2014-2016.

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