Make the right long-term decisions whilst running the business efficiently and working with our supply chain.

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Our approach

Through recognition that the property market is inherently cyclical we make decisions with a focus on the long-term. We understand the operational risks in trying to successfully identify, design, build and sell homes and create new places.

We aspire to maintain excellent partnerships with our supply chain to ensure that high quality services and materials are consistently provided and we are a client of choice. We support and engage with our supply chain and, through our supply chain, we help to provide employment and support to young people.

We conduct our day-to-day operations in an environmentally efficient manner and with consideration to our neighbours.

Commitments for 2016-2018

  • Reduce our operational carbon emissions intensity by 10% and introduce a programme to become carbon positive.

  • Ensure at least 1,500 people across our direct and indirect workforce undertake an apprenticeship or vocational training.

Operation Report ThumbnailOur Vision Performance Report 2014-2016 - Operations