Make the right long term decisions whilst running the business efficiently and working with our supply chain.

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Why focus on operations?

Running our operations effectively and considerately is fundamental to the long-term success of the business. We need a skilled and reliable supply chain to help us deliver the pipeline of work and good relationships with local stakeholders are essential to maintain our reputation for quality.

Our approach

Through recognition that the property market is inherently cyclical we make decisions with a focus on the long-term. We understand the operational risks in trying to successfully identify, design, build and sell homes and create new places.

We continue to develop and build upon the good relationships we have with our supply chain, through which we help to provide employment, and within the communities that we work to remain a developer of choice.

Each of our developments is led by a dedicated project team responsible for all aspects of the design and delivery on the project. This enables innovations and new ideas to be discussed and incorporated throughout the project process.

How we run our operations to ensure business efficiency and collaboration with our supply chain is highlighted below. Each aspect, and our achievements in each, are discussed in more detail in the Operations Performance Report 2014-2016.

Operations Approach

What's next?

In May 2016 we launched two new ambitious commitments to achieve by April 2018 to improve and develop our approach to Operations:

Operations, Becoming Carbon Positive

Becoming carbon positive

Reduce our operational carbon emissions intensity by 10% and introduce a programme to become carbon positive.

We are committed to becoming the first carbon positive UK housebuilder by April 2018. To achieve this, we will:

  • Reduce our carbon emissions intensity by 10%

  • Encourage the use of green energy tariffs

  • Invest in projects that reduce or eliminate emissions elsewhere, for example by investing in renewable energy or the retrofit of existing homes, to go beyond offsetting our remaining emissions

"We are committing to becoming the UK's first carbon positive listed housebuilder.

The climate change negotiations in Paris made it very clear that business has to lead on this issue. There is a strong commercial case for making a business more lean, green and accountable. And in my opinion it's simply the right thing to do."

Rob Perrins, Berkeley Group Chief Executive

Operations, Promoting Apprentices

Promoting apprentices and training

Ensure at least 1,500 people across our direct and indirect workforce undertake an apprenticeship or vocational training.

The UK construction industry faces a massive skills shortage. A study by KPMG and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry suggests that 20% more construction managers, surveyors and site workers will be needed by 2018. Meanwhile, the Government has announced that all large employers will now be expected to make use of apprenticeships as a key part of their workforce development strategies.

In response, we are committing to recruiting and training more people of all ages, giving them the skills required to pursue and build on a successful career in construction. Depending on production levels, up to 15% of Berkeley's workforce will be in an apprenticeship or completing vocational training by April 2018.

To find out more about our new commitments for 2016-2018, please see our Operations Performance Report 2014-2016.

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